A study found that January 12th is when most people report failing their resolution.

Maybe last year was OK for you, maybe it was not so great.

And maybe, you actually hit your goals (or pretty close to it) but you did it in a way that didn’t feel good (I.e. hustle and struggle)

As a general consensus, most people are NOT looking to create a repeat of last year. And even the super ambitious and successful don’t want that either, because they want MORE.

And in order to get a different and better result… you guessed it: you must do something different.

So there’s no way on Earth you would do the same things and expect something different, right?

Of course, on a conscious level, we’d never actually CHOOSE that path for ourselves,

But here are some reasons you might fall into old ways, which could make this year a repeat of last:

Habit – You’re just so used to doing things, acting a certain way, procrastinating on certain things, making certain decisions just because it’s second nature. And no matter how hard you try, you yourself can’t dig yourself out of that hole you’ve created and you have nothing or no-one to hold you accountable to the changes you say you want to create.

You don’t know what you don’t know – Simply a lack of know-how when it comes to getting to the next level. You may see the vision of what you want, but not necessarily know the HOW. You know how to hustle, but you don’t know how to sustain, so you stay with what’s “comfortable”, even if it’s not the best or most profitable thing for you.

Stress and burn out – You’re doing ALL the things! — from marketing, to sales, to admin, to content creation, to tech… and the more you stay OUT of your zone of genius (coaching, consulting, speaking, writing, creating, or whatever it is you do) the less chance you have of reaching your next level

Misalignment – Plain and simple, something is off with either: what you’re offering, how you’re offering it, your pricing, your ideal client or your business model. More than anything, misalignment will keep you the most stuck because you completely lose your excitement for what you are doing and the rest of the world FEELS it.

But fear not! You can prevent it. Here’s how:

Get help: Whether that’s hiring an asst, a VA or even a babysitter. Contrary to popular belief, solopreneurship is NOT sexy and there’s no badge of honor for “busyness”. Get the help you need so you can step into your most profitable role as CEO.

Take a short cut: Find a mentor, coach or training program that will take you to the next level FASTER. Can you figure it out yourself? Probably. But why would you want to? You will save time, energy and drama when you are guided by someone who knows the way. Learn from their mistakes so you can minimize yours.

Make different decisions: If you want a different result, you have to make a different choice. You can bet your bottom dollar (quite literally) that this year will turn out just like last if you are doing the same things, operating the same way, and making the same decisions. The next level you (and the next level income) requires doing something DIFFERENT NOW.

Do MORE: Now don’t get this mixed with the above mistake and start doing a lot of random things. That would be a travesty. This means do more of the RIGHT things, the meaningful things, the things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Here’s what I know (and have experienced first hand), it’s actually easy to “hustle” your way to six figures, but it’s not sustainable and the next level requires so much more.

You basically have two choices now: evolve or repeat.