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Million Dollar Business Coach Jenn Scalia

My name is JENNA FAITH

I am an advocate for female entrepreneurs

who say HELL YES to… 




for the people they love.

Making a LOT of money at once is not a new concept for my Clients.

My clients have already invested in every marketing program under the sun.

Learned about FUNNELS

Followed the SALES SCRIPTS

Cursed at their laptops

Built the SYSTEMS

Posted the POSTS

Emailed the EMAILS

Once everything started running smoothly…

Sales started rolling in…

And they realized,

“Holy shit, I can make a lot of money online!!”

But after years of marketing their businesses,

After jumping from one mentor to the next

(in search of a better way)

they discovered this fact:

There’s an unspoken influence in business that NO ONE is talking about.

And it’s got nothing to do with strategy.

No matter what my clients had done to promote their services in the past

They noticed the same mental chatter kept coming up, trying to sabotage their next steps.

And no matter how hard they tried to tame that chatter, they couldn’t help but wonder…

Why does it feel so hard to get clients?! Once they sign up to work with me, they’re blown away but… WHY does the marketing piece feel so ‘meh’?! 

If you’re experiencing thisthere is probably a disconnect between you and your business.

But once that connection is restored, All of your energy will line up and activate you.

To step into who you were born to be all along.

A woman who is so undeniably good at what she does, she simply cannot be ignored.

When you become known as this woman…

Competition becomes obsolete because you stand out simply for being you.

Marketing becomes easy because it’s real, true to you, and fun…

You never doubt your capability & worthiness to succeed. It’s just who you are.

I am so comfortable selling ALL OF MYSELF now! I give ZERO f*cks about what other people think, and it has totally paid off…I made incredible new connections (including Frank Kern!), got badass new features, and made over $20k in the last few weeks

Simply for being ME!

Yael B.


My clients say things like this to me every day.

Now It's Your Turn.

It’s time to let go of the “old” you… so the EVOLVED YOU can start to run the show.

Strategy is ONE piece of a larger puzzle, but it’s simply a band-aid on top of a deeper disconnection that exists inside of you.

You need to reconnect. When you reconnect with the reason WHY you started your business in the first place…

You’ll notice that all you have to do is decide what you want…And you’ll GET IT quickly after making that decision.

So How Can I Help You?

Are you a successful coach ready to blast past 7 Figures, create a sustainable business, and take the steps to reach the next level?

Jenna Faith 7 Figure Business Success Coach

To create the Business AND Life they desire.

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