Do you ever feel like no matter what you do or how much you get done- it’s just not cutting it?

There were times in my business when I felt like that too. In fact, I remember having this to have hot pink legal pad with two columns front and back of “To Do’s”

I would look at the list and hope one day I’d be able to cross everything off and I’d be free. If I’m being completely honest, I sometimes saw that list as a badge of honor.

The only problem was, I had no idea if any of the stuff on that list even had to be done, or when. Was it even important, or was I just thinking I had to do it because everyone else was?

I get it.

You’re pooped, tired, and virtually on the brink of burnout. If you have to fight with Lead Pages one more time you’re going to blow.

You’re patiently waiting for the next client payment to come through so you can throw some money down on a Facebook ad to promote your latest thing (you know, the one you hope will work this time)?

You’re upper limiting all over the place- Just when you take a step forward, something happens to put you two steps back. You get sick, or worse your child gets sick (Ahem!), your car breaks down, you get an unexpected bill or a client asks for a refund.

Does this sound like you?

You are working long hours in your business and you know that it shouldn’t be this hard.  You feel like you’re running around in circles but not getting any real results. And you don’t have any real systems in place to streamline your cash-flow.

You feel stuck because you know your business could be making a lot more money,  but have no idea why it’s not happening the way you imagined.  It’s really hard to continue knowing that the bills are just piling up and you’re not sure if you’ll ever make the kind of money in your business you really desire.

Your client roster is like a feast or famine roller coaster– or worse yet, you are attracting non-ideal clients or people who can’t afford you. This frustrates the hell out of you. You started this business because you want to help people and change the world, however not enough people know you exist (or at least not the right people).

Which one sounds more like you?

The good news? Whichever one it is, there is a solution. It’s all about having a system in place to make sure that you have a consistent flow of qualified leads in your business. I’ll get more into exactly what this looks like later, but first let’s lay some groundwork.

Here are some tips I wish I would have gotten before I blew through that hot pink laundry list.

Let go of control. Stop thinking you can do it all by yourself. There are things that you just can’t and shouldn’t do in your business. Outsource those tasks do you can focus on more important activities. Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you actually should be doing it. Release control and allow someone to step in and take menial tasks off your hands.

Get a mentor – Getting a coach or mentor will shorten the learning curve and shrink your success timeline. Can you do it on your own? Sure. But it will take you a lot longer. I don’t know any successful business women who don’t have their own coach or mentor for guidance, accountability and support.

Stop trying to be perfect and just get it out there – Perfection will kill your business. Period. I live by the “versions” logic. Whatever you’re thinking about creating, whether it’s an article, a challenge, a blog post or opt in, just create it and get it out there as version 1.0. You can always go back and tweak it later. Content + Action = Results.

Quit worrying about what anyone else is doing (I mean it) – Two of the biggest roadblocks I see from people who are off track in their business are shiny object syndrome and comparing themselves to others. I became so much more productive (and profitable) when I was focused on what I wanted and needed for my business, rather than what other coaches were doing. Plain and simple. Focus on your own shit and you will be successful.