One of the biggest fails in business comes when you are building something that is actually not true to you. You start this journey with one thing in mind, and it twists and turns into something completely different. Soon, it becomes something that has you chained, and you’re not even quite sure how this happened.

Maybe you’ve gotten clients but getting more has been a bit of a struggle. From the outside looking in, you appear “successful” but you’re working so much on your business, you barely have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You still worry about money, and the “flow” of clients and consistent income isn’t quite looking like you’d imagined it would by now.

Sometimes we’re in GO mode so much that we actually don’t see what’s staring us right in the damn face. Something feels off, and sometimes you may even feel like a fraud. Something is out of alignment, which actually makes it really hard to create content, launch new products or put yourself out there 100%.

If you’re experiencing any of these things, I invite you today to take a step back and look at the big picture. Ask yourself these four questions.

1) Does what I’m doing in my business support the bigger vision I have?What is the real long term vision and goals you have for your business (hint: make sure it’s your own and not someone else’s). Are your daily activities supporting that or going against it?
2) Is it aligned with my values? For example, if you value family, but your find yourself spending less and less time with your children and you’re always arguing with your hubby about why you’re on your phone so much, then something is out of alignment.
3) Are you operating in your zone of genius? Are you really doing what you’re meant to do? When I first started my business, I choose a niche that I thought I was “supposed” to choose. It didn’t suit me and I struggled and started hating it. When I got into full alignment with the work I was really supposed to be doing, everything changed.
4) Will the business keep making money if you stop working as hard? If you’re afraid that not logging onto Facebook or checking your email for a week to enjoy a vacation is going to stunt your business growth, then Houston, you’ve got a problem. If you’re really looking to create an empire, it should be set up to run smoothly and still operate without you, whether that’s for a day or a week.

We all want a business we love. We all want to do work we enjoy. Whether that’s inspiring moms to live a healthier life, encouraging mid-lifers to finally step into their power and find the joy in their lives  or helping millennials start a business of their own.

Here’s the reality: We want what the business can provide for us. The freedom, the money, the lifestyle. Being able to spend more time with our kids, not having to worry about the lights being turned off or that mountain of debt that’s been piling up. For some, it may mean being able to drop everything and enjoy a last minute getaway with our honey or meeting up with our entrepreneurial sisters at a conference in NYC or Vegas.

The problem is, a lot of you are doing things you don’t actually love. And it’s starting to feel hard. I want to help you make it as easy as possible, because growing your business does not have to be hard. It’s just a lie we tell ourselves to justify our value and our worth.

The truth is, it’s okay (and totally possible) for you to make lots of money doing things that come easy and natural for you. You can be successful without the struggle. I promise. And I’m going to show you how.

Let’s start here: today, I want you to only do the things that are 1) easy for you 2) you enjoy doing.

Everything else you can either a) do tomorrow b)  cross of your list completely or c) delegate to someone else.

Because seriously, what’s the point of doing what you love if you don’t enjoy the process? You will end up resenting your clients and resenting the work you do.

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