Over the last few years, I seen (and been) so many different types of entrepreneurs. When I first started, I was so excited and hopeful, but I wasn’t really that invested. I took a few courses here and there and did “some” things, but I didn’t fully step into the reality of owning my own business and what it took to be truly successful.

Around 12 months in, I hit my breaking point. I knew I needed to do something fast. I either needed to start making money in my business or go find a JOB. The thought of the latter totally skeeved me out, so I made a decision right then and there to go all in.

And even though I made the decision, and things started to shift, I put myself out there more, started doing webinars and booked my first paying clients, it didn’t happen as fast as I wanted it to.

The truth was, I was thinking and hoping about being this successful entrepreneur, but my actions didn’t really align with that. It wasn’t until I risked it all that I stepped into my power and became the entrepreneur I was born to be. And when that happened, it happened really fast!

From that first year where I made $0, to this current day, where I am literally about to cross over the one million dollar mark in my business, I have seen and been it all.  

The Dreamer – Hopeful, excited and dreaming about the possibilities. Wanting the money, the success the freedom, but not taking any real action to make that happen.  

The Dipper – One step up. A little more action, dipping my toes in to feel the temperature, but then retreating when things seemed hard, or out of reach, or too expensive. Immersed myself in small courses, but never took any real risk or made any big investment in my future.

The Do Whatever It Takes’er – This is who I became about 18 months into my business. The person who saw the possibility and instead of shrinking, grew and expanded to fill those shoes. This person is going to be successful no matter what, it’s really just a matter of how fast. She is ambitious and has the guts to go all the way. She knows the value of investing in her business and knows that no reward comes without risk. She is resourceful and when she sees something she wants, she will figure out a way to make it happen.  

I want you to think about which one you are… 

But before you answer, I want you to get real and honest about not which one you “think” you are or “want” to be, but which one your current actions align with?

One of my favorite quotes ever is:

“In order to become something, I must risk becoming nothing.”

I lived by this theory throughout my entrepreneurial journey. It made me become really self aware and also helped me to become a more powerful decision maker, which I credit to my success.

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