In 2007 when I met my (now ex) husband, he had a dream…

He was selling custom made clothing out of father’s shop in South Philly.

I came straight into his life and challenged him to pursue that dream past this little mom and pop shop and to start selling his clothing online and doing fashion shows to get the word out about his clothing line.

Within a year we were doing fashion shows all over the country including NY fashion Week, and had become an International brand sold in 7 countries. Not only that, but we were also seen on reality tv shows on MTV, VH1 and the Ellen Show.

I don’t talk about this much, but this is where my desire for entrepreneurship, creating massive change and helping other people achieve their dreams came into play.

It’s clear that I was born for this. I was meant to do this kind of work.

But it wouldn’t be life if I didn’t take some detours along the way- personal drama, working a “real” job, getting laid off, starting the wrong business, and more… BUT I came back to where I belonged in the first place.

So if you’re concerned that things aren’t happening fast enough, or the right way, or are comparing your journey to others… DON’T.

  • even if you don’t have years of business experience
  • even if you have a giant pile of debt
  • even if you are a single mom trying to pave the way for your children
  • even if you’re going through divorce, depression and doubt

Instead focus on your vision and what you really desire. Do whatever it takes to get there. But never forget it’s YOUR story. It’s your journey. Because no matter who you are or where you are, you have to power to change your life.