You could search high and low and find it hard pressed to find a person, a product or business that is not on Facebook. It’s been the “thing” for so many years, and it’s actually crazy when I hear that people are just getting started with it. Every time I see one of those cheesy commercials with fake actors that are so happy because they had paid a company to “build a Facebook page” for them, make me want to throw up a little.

Heads up sexy, savvy business chick, Instagram is the new Facebook. IG (for short) is where it’s at. Now, I’m no social media expert, but I would consider myself a social media junkie and the results I’ve gotten, using just Instagram have been nothing short of amazing. To be quite honest, if you’re not using Instagram for your business, you are leaving money on the table.

Here’s how I more than doubled my list and got paying clients + raving fans using only Instagram.

I joined Instagram with a personal account and quickly became addicted. I especially became enthralled with all the awesome quotes people were posting. This was kind of ironic, considering Instagram was a photo based social app- a way for people to get away from the words (like Twitter and Facebook demanded). I started saving a bunch of them on my phone and computer and it just got so crazy. So in the summer of 2013,  I decided to start a page of quotes, just for me. I wasn’t doing it for my business, I wasn’t doing it to get followers or fans, I was literally just doing it so I had a place to go back and check out all the quotes I liked.

For months, I just stored quotes there. I was back and forth between that and my personal page. I was getting some followers, likes and comments here and there, but nothing major. I didn’t really care and the things I posted were totally random.

In January of this year. I had a little over 1500 followers- I thought I was big time. It was at this time that I decided to start using my Instagram for business purposes. I didn’t really know how, but I started out by just putting my website link in the profile. It was also at this time that my coaching business was growing and going into a different direction. I started to really focus on a specific niche (something I neglected to do for the previous year in my business).

I began posting quotes with my core message directed at my ideal client and the response I got was unbelievable. I literally grew my Instagram following by  over 10,000 in 4 months. The followers were completely organic, (I promise I didn’t buy a single one!) Not only that but I doubled my email list, scheduled dozens of discovery calls with potential clients and actually got paying clients (all from Instagram!)

How I Did It:

–  I picked my niche and target audience- and I stuck to it!

–  I created a banging, super clear bio with link to my site

–  I used relevant hashtags

–  I posted original quotes from my blogs and ebook and offered a free downloads on my site

–  I ran a free challenge and encouraged people to sign up on my website to get extras

–  I engaged! I tried my best to respond to every comment I could

–  I followed people- Trust me, it’s okay. Some people may never even know you exist if you don’t follow, like or comment on their posts.

–  I paid close attention to what people with a similar message were doing

–  I noted which posts got the most interaction and posted more of that

–  I put a call to action on all of my posts

–  I put my URL in every single post- even though it won’t directly link, the repetition of seeing it over and over again encouraged people to actually go there and check it out




Tips to become an InstaStar!

–  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and like, comment and follow others

–  Be consistent- post often and keep your page relevant

–  Don’t be a copy cat- post original, and if possible branded content

–  Don’t use irrelevant hashtags just to boost followers- you’ll get the wrong people.

–  Be personal every once in a while. Even though I mostly post quotes, whenever I would post a pic of my boyfriend and I or me with a big glass of wine, I got just as many, if not more likes.

–  Be creative! Think outside the box- do something new, different and unorthodox

–  Don’t give up- it’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it and right now, it’s 100% free

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already- get on Instagram and start building. It works. I am proof. Check out my page @awesome_on_purpose for inspiration on some unique things I did to get my fans talking and reaching out to me directly.

Happy Gramming!