Now that you understand how POWERFUL identity and energy are, and that they can truly make you unstoppable… it’s time to figure out how to turn that into dollars! Cuz that’s what we’re all here for (don’t be humble!)

As you can see, all of what we are diving into is self-contained. Which means YOU hold the key. YOU are the determining factor. Which means, YOU can also choose how, when or how fast these things get to happen FOR you.

When you have an undeniable inner core and confidence, that literally oozes from you. You actually don’t really have to “do” much but commit to showing up.

This is the secret that every top leader possesses. It’s never a demand, or to be loud and boisterous, but to lead and inspire with your unique and powerful presence.

But this requires you to show up as more of who you are, saying what you really want to say, acting how you want to act, wanting what you want and making no apologies for it.

The best part? This is actually ALREADY available for you. You already have an innate and undeniable magnetism that everyone around you loves- your spouse, your kids, your family, your friends, your peers… tap into that!

The problem is, we get tripped up when it comes to showing that part of us online, owning our expertise and asking for money. But that’s what we are here for!

So you gotta shake off that dust, stop with the excuses and COMMIT.

I know it’s easier said than done. So, let’s dive into the actual HOW:

Remember that brag list from the other day? Get it out. And read it aloud every damn day until you feel it all in your bones. You can obviously do a shortened version (specifically relevant to your business), and you could even voice record yourself to playback for yourself.

Point is… you know you are great. You are just being humble and playing small.

So back yourself up until you believe it so hard that NO ONE can shake that.

Next, make THE move. Do the scary thing. Say the thing that makes you nervous as fuck. I triple dog dare you! That thing you’ve been wanting to say online, that opinion that you’ve been bottled up, that controversial or potent thing you’ve been dying to let out… Let.It.Out.

Seriously, post it. Like, today. Like NOW. Pull the band aid off and do it. I guarantee it’s your most engaging post all week!

If it’s more of a decision you need to make or a conversation you need to have… same thing. Just DO IT. It will feel scary. But it will be scarier when you are in the same place you now this time next year because you didn’t have the guts to grow.

AND THEN… continue making the moves. Continue posting the posts. Continue hyping yourself up daily.

Because if you don’t believe in yourself enough, or you don’t think you are magnetic and excellent at what you do… no one else will either. You HAVE to go FIRST.

When you have full control over your identity, your energy and how you show up… you literally can’t not win. It’s impossible.

Now obviously all of this takes practice, but one small move each day will add up quickly and before you know it guns are a blazing and your confidence is undeniable. People will be begging to work with you. They love your boldness and your authenticity. And if you’re running any kind of business online in 2023- this is not a nice to have, it’s a REQUIREMENT.


People love me and they need to see me in all of my wild glory. Raw, real, sensual, loved, well fucked, gorgeous, taking charge of my body and health, wealthy, luxurious, stunning, loving, giving, fun, free!

I am happy, hot and healed.

All the power I seek is already inside of me.

I am a gift to the people who get to experience my magic.

What’s next?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short series and have taken it ALLLLL in. Dive deep and commit to YOURSELF and the lifestyle and business you desire AND deserve.

Here’s what I know: You are way too talented and hard working to not be where you want to be already.

You dove into this series for a REASON. You’ve also done a bunch of other courses, downloaded all the tricks and tips, attended all the webinars and challenges… and still.

Not bad… but not excellent either.

You know there’s gotta be a better, easier and more fulfilling way to hit your goals and create that life you’ve been working so hard for.

I’ve tapped into the secret of all highly successful entrepreneurs… and the answer might surprise you.

Yes, some just had the grit and the drive to hustle their ass off until it happened…

Some were able to raise seed money or capital to fuel their visions…

A handful were lucky enough to go viral and ride the wave of that…

But the common thread among them, no matter what status, industry or financial level… WHO THEY BE.

They operate in confidence and certainty

They make bold, powerful and (sometimes risky) decisions

They move from a place of where they want to be, not where they currently are

The secret to success lies within…

I’m so excited to announce the H.E.R. Mastermind is now open – a 6 month ascension portal to your next level. ⁣

For badass business owners, creators, artists, experts, healers and coaches ready to embody the next level version of themselves with authenticity, audacity and confidence.

What’s been missing this whole time is not just knowledge… you already intuitively know what to do… it’s awareness, implementation, action and accountability to follow through.

My mission is to hold your feet to the fire as you step into the woman you’ve always wanted to be. So that you can have and do all the things you want. So that you can stop apologizing for you bigness and embrace every ounce of magic that lies inside of you.

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