The old adage is true! Time flies when you’re having fun. The past year happened so fast that it literally feels like a blur.

Over the last 9 months, I:

>> Got into a new relationship
>> Moved to a new city
>> Bought my dream car
>> Changed my business model
>> Took on three new hobbies
>> Started my book and
>> Put an offer in on my dream home

It’s hard to explain how all of this happened, and so fast. Especially because I actually felt like I was doing a lot less.

But what I did discover was that it actually had little to do with what I was doing, and everything to do with the fact that I had become the person that deserved, asked for and expected all those things.

I can even recall some not so good situations, and if I reflect now- I can see how I fully brought those things on myself.

In those situations, I consciously moved away from my default reaction and I didn’t try to force or control it. Instead, I let go and I asked for guidance.

I stopped believing that I had to DO something and looked back at how I achieved what I had thus far… and that was by simply Being.

With that concept applied, those situations turned around for me faster than a speeding bullet.

Crazy, right?

How responsible we actually are for our results and the things we have and don’t have…

Today I want you to own it and claim how powerful you really are, so you can do good for others, for yourself and for your family.