People ask me all the time how I found success so quickly. And while there’s no real big secret or trick, one of the things I do credit to my upward momentum was becoming extremely decisive in my business.

I knew exactly what I desired and what I needed to do to propel my business forward. So when I was faced with any decision in my business- I never waffled- I just made a decision. Yes or No. 

Whether it was buying a course, working with a coach, doing an interview, partnering with someone on a JV opportunity, hiring or firing team members, etc. I always made a quick decision. 

Having clear yes and no protocols will make this a lot easier:

Yes. Yes to things that light you up. Yes to things that excite you. Yes to things that will directly grow your business. Yes to opportunities that will result in growth or expansion. Yes to being bold and unapologetically you. Yes to all the things you desire. Yes to more money, freedom and flow.

No. No to things, people and events that drain you. No to naysayers and the doubters. No to opportunities that don’t directly result in some kind of growth. No to things that just don’t feel good. No to sleazy marketing. No to comparison. No to anything that doesn’t align with your message. No to feeling guilty for actually saying NO.

In business, there are no maybes, I have to think about its, in betweens, I thinks, I’m not sures or I’m sorries.

Making a decision and making it fast will change your life and business forever.

It’s actually quite simple when you have a decision making process in place.

My personal process involves asking myself these three questions:

  1. Is it a hell yes? Am I jumping out of my panties for this opportunity? Do I feel compelled to act on this and act on it now?
  2. Will this grow and stretch me? Is it slightly scary? Will it push me to step into a higher version of myself?
  3. Will this move me toward my immediate goals? I always ask what I need most is my business right now. Does this opportunity support me getting closer to that goal or will it throw me off track?

With that being said, I also understand the difference between something that isn’t right for me and my business and fear or resistance (more on this later)

I’ll leave you with an illustration from one of my favorite coaching books, The Prosperous Coach, that perfectly depicts what happens when it’s not a clear yes or clear no.

Here’s to more hell yeses and less “HELL” in your business!