Short and sweet today (just like me!)

I did a quick Periscope the other day where I revealed the ONLY two things you need to make an impact and become a successful online entrepreneur.

The video is only 4:35 long. You can watch the video on my group page by clicking here.

If you’re not following me on Periscope yet, make sure you follow me @jennscalia  I will be posting a few times a week with more quick biz tips, advice and stories to help you grow your online biz and make a serious impact with your gifts.

Speaking of gifts, I’m sure you’re thinking that you couldn’t possibly come up with enough content to pump something out once or twice a month, so I created this awesome resource for you. It’s 31 content prompts that you can use for pretty much anything: blog posts or articles, newsletter, Facebook posts, videos or even Periscope broadcasts.

Download your 31 content prompts today by clicking here.

Now go out there and create content and take that action baby!