I can not believe how fast this year is flying by already! We’re about six weeks into 2016 and I wonder how many of you are actually living your “word” for the year.

The word I choose for 2016 is EASE. I’ve been saying NO a lot more, cutting out things that don’t move my business forward and have enlisted the best support for me in my business. I hired a rockstar Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant and it’s made such an amazing difference in my business.

I really wish I would have done this sooner. Whenever I talk to someone who doesn’t have great help in their business. I feel really bad. No woman is an island, and there’s no substitute for having an amazing supportive team behind you. 

Lots of people will put it off, saying they can’t afford it yet, or they’ll do it when they are making more money. But the truth is: you’re actually saving money in your business (not to mention your sanity) when you hire good help.

Let’s put it this way:

Your normal hourly rate is $200 an hour, and it takes you 3 hours to create a lead page, a thank you page, connect it with your email service providers, make sure welcome & follow up emails are in place, that project just cost you $600.

OR, you could hire an expert who could do all of that in an hour and it would only cost you around $40-60. You just saved yourself $500+ dollars, plus allotted extra time to do discovery sessions and create content your audience wants.

Imagine if you did this for every webinar, challenge, email campaign and launch you have this year? You’d save tons of money and get back your most precious asset: time.

Over the last two months, I’ve been working with my time to create systems and structures in my business that’s allowed me to:

  • Get a lot more done in less time
  • Stay organized and on track
  • More time to create and write
  • Never feel alone in my business
  • No longer waste my time with non money making activities
  • Make more money

Some of our favorite tools:

  • Asana – organize and delegate tasks between team members
  • Infusionsoft – send out newsletters, segment list, accept payments, host affiliate promotions
  • Slack – communicate by text with team members and track activity
  • Google Docs/spreadsheets – tried and true, you just can’t go wrong for organizing launches and brain dumps
  • Groove – assign customer service and client care emails between team members
  • Edgar – schedule, recycle and remix your content and distribute on multiple social channels


Bottom line- you can’t afford to NOT hire good help.