One of my favorite audience building strategies is the top 10 post. This is where you feature other people in your niche or complementary industry and “feature” then on your blog, social media, podcast, etc.

It’s a backdoor way to get noticed by influencers, share them to your audience and hopefully get a RESHARE from them to their audience. It’s a really simple concept that you can add to your marketing once a month and get a ton of engagement and shares.

I mean, think about it… if someone featured you as the “TOP 10 XYZ” in relation to your niche or industry, wouldn’t you repost and share? I know I would!

Here are some ideas for your next “Top 10” Instagram Carousel Post:

⁃ Top 10 Instagram pages to follow to grow your wealth
⁃ Top 10 Manifestation Podcasts you must listen to!
⁃ Top 10 Must-Read Books for Online Coaches and Healers
⁃ Top 10 Healers to follow to inspire change in your life
⁃ Top 10 Websites for Finding High-Quality Stock Images for your business
⁃ Top 10 Influential Marketing Blogs to Follow for Expert Insights
⁃ Top 10 Tiktok profiles to binge to dominate your social media
⁃ Top 10 Email Newsletters for Engaging and Converting Leads
⁃ Top 10 YouTube Channels for improving your coaching and Marketing Skills
⁃ Top 10 Online Courses for Mastering XYZ (insert relevant topic)

You can mix and match these to your liking and make them relevant to YOUR specific niche and what would interest your ideal clients

Some additional tips:

1) Make sure it’s an actual company or brand- not a corporation like Target or Starbucks (remember, we want them to SHARE!)

2) Stay in integrity- make sure you truly believe in these people, products or things before you share or feature them

3) Choose complimentary resources and businesses that are not a direct completion with what you offer

4) Make sure to TAG all pages mentioned

5) For the purposes of a carousel IG post, you can only upload 10 photos total. So with the opener slide and the ending (CTA) slide, you may have to take your “top 10” down to the “top 5” or “top 7”

I can’t wait to see you put this into action. Make sure to tag me @meantformillions so I can see and SHARE!