Today, we are diving deeper into on of the things I talked about yesterday. Amazing business owners who have NO AUDIENCE. I’ going to share 3 little used strategies in the coaching world that can make huge waves and add tons of people to your list with fairly little work. No more posting 10 times a day hoping the right people will see you and follow you… instead, you can go straight to the source and call in dozens or hundreds or thousands of ideal clients with one focused strategy. Here are the top three that I suggest you give a try:

#1. Partnerships 
– So overlooked but the ones who are doing it are growing their lists massively. There are several ways to do this. But the most effective one to get quality people interested in your offers is to host a webinar or training for someone else’s audience. You get the signups, they promote you, you get a chance to wow their audience with your knowledge and expertise. Now obviously there are many nuances when it comes to this, but that’s it in a nutshell. How many times have you found out about someone amazing because someone else you follow talked about them, shared them or promoted them. Same concept. This also creates instant trust because that person is sharing you with their audience and telling them how amazing you are.

Action Step
: Find a partner! Could be a friend, peer or even a mentor. See if you can do a training for their main audience or one of their paid groups! The answer is always no if you don’t have the courage to ASK!

#2. Instagram theme pages
 – This is a new strategy/concept I don’t see many people doing YET. I have a feeling this is going to gain popularity over the next 6 months. Essentially you find an Instagram account that has a huge following that also promotes other businesses. You create a promo or “ad” and promote your services to their large account. Now this is a PAID strategy, but imagine getting a shoutout of your offer on a page with hundreds of thousands of followers. Even if a tiny percentage of people opted in, you would still grow your list. The trick here is to make sure that you have a captivating “ad” that people will actually read/watch and then want to know more.

Action Step
: As you’re scrolling on IG this week, pay attention to the bigger accounts you follow and notice any “ads”- they usually look like regular posts, but you’ll know it’s an ad because they are promoting someone else.

#3. Opt in Swap
 – This is the easiest, easiest audience building strategy out there and almost NO ONE is doing it! The concept is simple- find someone who has a similar audience to you, and promote each other’s opt ins to your list. You promote theirs to your list and vice versa. Each person gets the direct opt in and emails to grow their list.

Action Step
: Find someone and try it out! You really have nothing to lose and a LOT to gain! P.S. If you have a list of 5000+ and you’d like to do an opt in swap with me, reply back and let’s see if it’s a good fit!