If there’s one thing I see over and over again when working with online entrepreneurs, it’s people making the SAME mistakes… fixable and often preventable mistakes. Today, I want to share the most common ones I see and how to fix them.

#1) No help.
 I talked about this one of last week’s last week’s blog (you can read it here if you missed it!), but definitely one of the most common roadblock’s to success is thinking you can do this all on your own. No great entrepreneur ever reached rapid or massive success ALONE. You will burn yourself out. You will feel overwhelmed. Get support in various different ways, from a coach or mentor, to a solid team, to a handful of business besties. Being a “solopreneur” and trying to do it all by yourself is NOT a badge of honor. Team, partnerships and collaborations have been staples to the success of my business over the last 10 years.

Action Step: 
Enroll at least one new level of support in your business this week, whether it be outsourcing a project or tasks, starting an accountability group with peers or joining a course or entrepreneur group

#2) No audience.
 Something you’ll hear me talk about until I’m blue in the face. What are you doing daily to grow your audience? How are you getting in front of more people? What tools are you using to grow your email list? Imagine having 800 people in your next challenge instead of 80? Think you could 10X your sales? Even if you just doubled or tripled your current audience… it would make a massive difference to your bottom line.

Action Step: 
Create an audience goal and take at least one action to make that a reality. For example- I grow my audience by 100 people by the end of the month. To do that, I am going to promote my new lead magnet on social media daily. Check out this week’s featured course and find out how you can grow and monetize your audience.

#3) Your beliefs.
 Making money isn’t hard… it’s simply your belief that it’s hard that makes it so. Do you realize that there are coaches making hundreds of thousands of dollars A MONTH. Even a Million$ a month? (With a large audience of course). But my point here isn’t the amount of money, just the fact to some people making that much money is “normal”- it’s “easy”. Shift your thoughts around how hard it is and start looking at it as normal and easy, like brushing your teeth or driving your car. The only thing stopping you from next level success and income is your beliefs around it and what comes along with it.