Pay attention today… because this is gold. These are things that if I knew 10 years ago, would have catapulted my business much further much faster- and without as much money spent or mistakes made.

No matter if you ARE starting over again (or feel like it), or if you just want to do better and focus on the things that will actually help you GROW from this moment forth… the things I am laying out here will change the trajectory of your business if you commit to putting your energy here (in all 5 or in at least one). I promise your business will change forever and you’ll see crazy momentum quickly.

#1 – FOCUS ON AUDIENCE GROWTH – In order to sell more, you need more people to sell to. You can have the most epic programs in the world, but if no one knows about you- you won’t make sales (aka $$$). There are tons of different ways you can grow your audience outside of your standard social media posts (see #2 for one of them)

#2 – FORM PARTNERSHIPS – Relationships are crucial for your online business to thrive. Connect with other experts and entrepreneurs that have similar values to you, and a similar audience (without being direct competition) and partner with them to leverage each others audiences… my favorite is the “Opt In Swap”

– I know I’m gonna hear it on this one from the anti-hustle coaches… but let’s be real- the competition for attention online is FIERCE. Ease and flow will come later in your business, but if you want to stand out and get to the bag faster… Your hustle and work ethic matter. Now, I’m not saying burn yourself out… I’m saying show up fiercely and unapologetically and stake your claim online!

#4 – HAVE A SIGNATURE OFFER THAT PAYS ALL MY EXPENSES – A lot of us have been conditioned to always create new things and new offers. And it makes sense if you’ve never focused on audience growth. You have to mix it up when you’re selling to the same people all the time. Having a signature offer that is a staple in your business, that create real results, and pays all of your expenses is worth investing time, energy and money into.

#5 – BUILD MY EMAIL LIST FROM THE JUMP – There’s an obvious bias here from me regarding Audience Building. Without an audience, I would not have made millions in my coaching business… focus not only on social media followers, but SUBSCRIBERS and people who actually raise their hand to hear from you vs people who just happen to see your content because of the algorithm.

#6 – *BONUS: DEVELOP MY UPV – Unique Personality Vibes (aka your brand) – The broad coach speak, regurgitating what everyone else has said for years doesn’t cut it anymore! People are buying from people they trust, but mostly from people they LIKE and have resonance with. Leverage the quirks or interesting parts of your personality and infuse it into your business. Maybe your funny, sassy, curse like a sailor or are just plain goofy- Instead of hiding it, use it to your advantage.

I’d love to know which one of these thing(s) you are going to commit to in your business?