The other day I was watching a training and literally heard the person say- “all you have to do is take some courses and regurgitate what you hear”… I just shook my head in disbelief.

Now, I wasn’t following this person for business advice, it was more relationship/dating related… and even though the way she said it was crazy to me. The reality is she wasn’t really wrong.

At a low bar- that is actually the truth. And that’s what a lot of people do unfortunately, which is why we have to be discerning nowadays.

But more than that- it really got me thinking… we don’t just have to be careful as a consumer (that’s just the bare minimum), we have to recognize what’s going on and LEAD.

We have to raise the bar in how we operate our OWN businesses as well. Now more than ever.

There are multiple ways we can do this and I highly encourage you to integrate all of these upgrades into your business – pretty much NOW.

Have good and powerful intentions
 – Understand WHY you are doing what you do. What is your purpose and intention. Is it just to make money and pay the bills, or are you doing this because you desire to lead, because you want to transform lives, because you want to make a difference or start a movement? Purpose and fulfillment over just doing it for money- will when in the long run.

Resonance > Relatability
 – I recently wrote about this on my Facebook page. (you can read it here) But stop trying to be relatable- it doesn’t make people want to hire you. People don’t hire mentors that are on the same level as them and expect next level results. You need to resonate and connect with your audience… but these are two totally different things that many people get confused and end up in the Friend Zone, while they are giving out free advice and then get overlooked when it comes to who their potential clients will actually PAY to support them.

 – The fact that I even have to include this is kind of maddening, but it has to be said. Tell the truth, be authentic. Don’t “just regurgitate” information. But be the best and deliver the best. Be fucking REAL. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Deliver what was promised. Smoke and mirrors has gotten some people far in this industry, but being solid and operating in integrity matters more. Don’t say you’ve done or achieved something if you haven’t, don’t inflate your income numbers to get clients (yes people do this!). Operate in integrity in every sense of the word, in both business and your life. When you’re fully and truly authentic in yourself and operating from a place of integrity… you can’t lose.

Next Level Service
 – This is something as someone who has heavily invested in my own coaching and mentorship- can make or break whether I continue working with or re-hire someone or a company in the future. A lot of people will promise the world, and deliver lackluster coaching and training. You have to under promise and overdeliver… not the other way around. Make sure you have the right onboarding/offboarding and communication channels set up to make your clients feel welcome and like they got what they paid for.

Actually care
 – This is self explanatory, but the reality is that a lot of people don’t. I mean, they care about themselves, but they don’t truly care about their clients, if or how they get results- they are more concerned with what it’s going to look like to the Joneses.

Word class experience
 – Deliver a world class EXPERIENCE through your coaching and leadership. Raise the bar on yourself. What kind of experience do you/have you craved. Look at where others have fallen short and be sure to do it 10x better for your clients. You want your clients to feel like they are more than just a number. The experience they have working with you will be what they share with fellow peers and colleagues. Word travels fast. Strive to be world class at everything you do in your business.

Innovation/doing things differently
 – When everyone zigs, you have to zag. You have to get and stay ahead of the curve. Think about things differently, do things differently, stop jumping on band wagons because that’s what everyone else is doing (and it seems to work). Innovate and stand out. Go against the grain- even if it’s uncomfortable. There are a lot of little coach clones out there… don’t be one of them!