Just as having and maintaining boundaries are important in your personal and romantic life… it’s equally as important to do it in your business… yes, even if you only have a few clients.

A lot of people just go with the flow and think that because they don’t have a lot of clients/money/opportunities yet in their business that they don’t have to set boundaries.

I think it’s quite the opposite. Because if you don’t know what your limits are, what you will and won’t tolerate and what your vision is for how you want to operate in your business… other people will decide for you!

So I have always made sure to set (and revisit often) my boundaries in business… or like my old mentor Kat used to say “personal policies”. Because let’s face it, when you create or have a “policy” in place in your business… no one can really argue that. (unless they are an asshole, of course!)

When it comes to setting these boundaries and policies, I think about it in various different ways:

What I am committed to in my own business (yes, you can set boundaries for yourself as well!)
How I am going to show up in my business
How many hours I am going to work
My non-negotiable onboarding process
How to handle requests for collaborations, summits or interviews
How I operate with my team
How much I will pay myself (read Profit First!)
What activities I will always delegate

You get the picture.

So for example, I have a “policy” in my business that if I choose to say yes to being on an online summit, that I will not email my list about the promotion, but I will share to my social media channels.

Or if I am asked to speak at an event, my “policy” is to get PAID, or at minimum get an email list of all the attendees.

My policies may also include expectations of my clients. (this is best communicated through a legitimate legal contract)

Point is- DECIDE what you want in your business, how you want to operate in it and how you want it to run. Then create a “policy” around it that is non-negotiably upheld.

I hope you find this helpful and start setting powerful and profitable boundaries in place in your business.