So I’m just going to come right out and say it… stop reinventing the wheel every time you want to make money in your business. Stop jumping from one program to the next just because you don’t get results in the first 2.5 seconds of your sales campaign. Stop launching “new” offers every month and having to create new graphics, new copy, new sales pages, new social media posts, new reels, new emails, new follow up sequences, etc. etc. etc.

The coaches and “experts” that are doing this are putting on a good show but guaranteed they are banging their head against the wall behind closed doors. Ask me how I know this. 🤔

It’s not an easy to run a business when you have no direction. Now I’m not talking to those of you who are just starting and are still trying to find your footing, understand your brand and see what works for you. There is a time in your business where you DO have to throw spaghetti at the wall…

And then there comes a time in your business where you have to make decisions, you have to solidify foundations and you have to focus on growth and scaling. You can’t do that when you are running yourself ragged with new offers and new ideas constantly.

Let me let you in on a little secret… because you might be thinking, “but Jenn! You do that. I see you launching new things all the time.” And that’s by design. I’m actually not launching “new” things… I’m launching my core offers and offers that I know work, in NEW WAYS.

Meaning, I take a different angle in my social media, or give it a different name or title.

But everything I put out there are things that I have BEEN doing. That I have a foundation for. That I have a sales page template, email sequences, and posts ideas already created for.

In fact, a lot of my social media posts come from the “memories” section of my Facebook. I only create when I’m inspired.

Shifting your business to a model where you have core/signature offers actually allows for MORE space and creativity, not less. It can ensure that all of your business expenses are paid every month and creates consistent income that you can count on. It gives you more time and energy to hold space for your clients and show up for them the way the deserve.

And those inspired ideas… or “downloads”? Well since you have signature offers that pay the bills, you can launch these whenever you want- without attaching and because you feel excited about it (not because you HAVE to).