In the last Daily Millionaire, I talked about how you can hit 20K months in 20 hours a week with less than 15 clients.

I’m sure there were a lot of questions. And a lot of “but I can’t do that” – or “how”, or “will people even pay me that much?”

The short answer is YES! The longer answer is… maybe, maybe not.

If you have the right things in place, then absolutely this is possible and pretty straightforward like I laid out in the previous strategy.

But if you’re spending your time and energy on the WRONG things in your business, then you will likely continue to spin your wheels and wonder how some people make it look so easy.

So you have the strategy. I gave it to you yesterday, straight with no chaser. You know the type of offer, the price of the offer and how many clients you need to hit that goal.

Now obviously, if that’s ALL it was, everyone would be a millionaire or at minimum, making $20K months. But we know that’s not the case- so what gives.

Today, I want to give you a series of questions and things to review in your current business that may be stopping you from those $20K months.

Spend some time tonight and review and reflect:

How do I currently FEEL about my business? Do I enjoy it, does it give me fulfillment? Does it bring me joy?
Is my main motivation money? Or bringing my message and transformation to the world?
Do I feel supported and do I have a team I feel can trust?
Am I clear on my offers and messaging?
Do I have a clear, focused strategy to get results?
Do I flow with the marketing methods that I choose? Am I going all in on them? Am I letting them work for at least 60-90 days before moving onto something else?
Do I have repeat clients? (this can be very telling, either way)
Do I have a lead generation system in place? (meaning, do I have a source of steady leads into my business)
Are my lead gen and other systems in my business automated? Are the things I am doing consistently all the time automated or systemitized?
Audit your day- where am I spending most of my time and energy. Is it on money making activities, or admin and tech?
Are my clients happy? How do I know?
Do I feel confident in the transformation/healing/strategy/methods I offer, or is there a little bit of unsureness or doubt?
Am I tired? Or am I running myself ragged and not giving myself time and space to live life, and do things for me (outside of the biz)
Do I have business support in the way of mentors and biz besties that can keep me accountable, focused and motivated?
Do I have clear goals in mind and an idea of how to achieve them.
Do I journal or do mindset/inner work daily?
How visible am I? Could I do more?
Could I make offers more often?

There’s a lot to unpack here. But the answers will give you great insight as to why you may not be hitting your monthly income goals.