Whenever clients or money becomes a problem in our business, we typically want to dive into our marketing or sales strategies to figure out “what’s wrong”-

And sometimes, it IS an issue of crappy or inconsistent marketing, unclear offers or a lack of sales skills.

Sometimes it’s your business infrastructure and you literally could not handle a huge influx of new customers and clients.

We can talk about those two things at a later time…

Today I want to talk about something that most people overlook as a valid and real reason you may not be attracting more clients.

I’ve experienced this personally and have witnessed dozens of clients go through this over the last 10 years. This one rarely talked about reason that I see time and time again that will stop you from enrolling more clients into your business: YOUR CAPACITY.

Simply put, you don’t have the energetic, emotional or mental space to attract, hold or keep these clients.

This is likely caused by an internal struggle, a personal problem or misalignment somewhere in your business. Because you “say” you want clients, you really feel like you are ready for them, and you’re doing “all the right things”- but the clients are few and far between.

If you’re experiencing a lack of clients or money… I want you to explore the following:

Where is the majority of your focus? Evaluate what you’re spending your time on. Time and energy go hand in hand. Are you spending your time scrolling or paying attention to what every other entrepreneur is doing? Are you focused on business tasks that are draining or that can be delegated to someone else. Even small admin or tech tasks that seem “easy”- can zap your creative energy because you’re in a whole different mode: DO vs ATTRACT. Get smart. Hire help. Delegate more. Open up your time and SPACE.

Energy Leaks – Check for potential energy leaks or energy vampires (people in your life- not your kids 😜). Do you find yourself being drained by certain activities or when certain people are around you? Are you putting too much energy on things that don’t move you forward or aren’t beneficial to you? Is your mind focused on things that are sad, hard or draining? Refocus your energy on things that feel GOOD for you and watch how your capacity expands!

Are you in indecision or limbo? If you’ve been procrastinating on making an important decision (big or small), having an important conversation, or deciding to forward with something… this zaps your energy and takes up so much space with your doubt, fear, curiosity and uncertainty. Make decisions. Have that conversation. Say Yes or No (for now). And release that weight to open up more space to receive clients.

Check your spaces – Environment plays a HUGE role in motivation and energy. Does your energy feel stagnant as a result of an uninspiring work place. If you’re just going through the motions, try shaking things up and working from a different spot, rent an office space (or move to the beach, like I did!)


Today’s Daily Action: redirect your focus, make a decision, clear (at least one) energy leak and/or revamp your environment and open up space to receive more. Guaranteed something positive happens when you do one or any of these things.

I’d love to hear if you’ve struggled in this department. Because this is the REAL stuff that actually holds us back. The unsexy things that most people don’t address, but spend days, months and even years, trying to figure out what’s wrong with their “business”- when in reality it’s a YOU issue.