Alright we are on a roll with these! Today’s “lies” are some of the worst, and hopefully you haven’t fallen for these- I know I definitely did in the past- which is why I want to bring awareness to you. ⁣

Remember, all of these things are stories- unfortunately ones that are repeated over and over again, but add no real value to your progress or growth. ⁣

#8 – Okay, this one makes me want to puke every time I hear it. “It’s so easy! It’s so easy to run a business. It’s so easy to get clients. Why aren’t you just doing it?”⁣

It’s not easy, babe. Success and wealth takes hard work and a strong work ethic, commitment, resilience and consistency. For a lot of people, those things in and of themselves are NOT easy. That’s just not the right word- and it’s totally misleading to say that it’s EASY to grow a business. ⁣

Now, with that said, there is a difference between “ease” and easy. There is a way that you can structure your business so that you have ease and flow in your business with how you market and how you sell. I just made a post the other day on my Facebook page where I dove a little bit deeper into this concept… you can read it here.

You can have EASE, but it ain’t easy. And this is actually a big part of what I help my clients with. Check out my new mastermind/coaching circle below for how I can help you accomplish this in your business. ⁣

#9- One of the biggest lies of them all… and this one I know from personal experience… is that high ticket equals high value or high quality. ⁣

Nope, not the truth. ⁣

Especially in my experience and I’m someone who has invested a LOT of money (think multiple six figures) into my mentorship, my business, my coaches and business development. Funnily enough, the ones where I’ve spent the most money have actually been the least valuable to me. So just because somebody’s charging a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re better than the person who’s charging less. This is why I always root for the underdog. ⁣