I hope you’ve been enjoying the last few blog posts… and that they have been a real eye opener for you so far. ⁣

Here are two more of biggest lies told in the coaching industry… I have actually spoken about both of these things in depth in previous TDM posts, so let’s go! ⁣

#6 – So this one boggles my mind, but it’s that you don’t need to grow an email list or grow your audience or drive traffic to your website, and that people are just going to magically find you. Now, this is hella false because while yes, organic social media does work, and sometimes you⁣

Might have a hit or something that goes viral, but most of the time that’s not gonna happen. You actually have to drive traffic to your social media channels, to your business, to your website. Don’t forget about traffic. ⁣

#7- You’re a solopreneur, which means that you can do everything by yourself. You can wear all the hats, right? Wrong. Again, I don’t even think that you can call yourself a CEO or a boss if you’re doing all of the things in your business. You should have at least one person on your team to support you and to assist you in getting the things done that need to be done in your business.⁣

In case you missed it… here is part 1 and part 2.

Next, I will be revealing even more! I’d love to hear from you on which ones resonate or which ones you have fallen for, but will no longer adhere to. Reply and let me know! ⁣