This blog starts my series on The Biggest Lies Told in the Coaching Industry… so make sure you stay tuned for the tea ☕

Hopefully I can bust some myths this week about things that most of us who have been in this space for some time have been accustomed to hearing or conditioned to believe.

These are all things from my real world experience, not theory. My perspective as someone who has seen all the changes and transitions, has been online for 10+ years, worked with over 3000 people, gathered almost 50,000 leads and made millions of dollars doing it… I’d say I know a thing or two about the industry…

So I’m gonna start with my favorite one, which is, you just need to be in someone’s energy in order to calibrate to their success and wealth.

That is fundamentally false.

Because without the right mindset and intentions, you’re basically just buying into a clique- a popularity circle if you will. You’re not necessarily hiring someone for skill, for the value that they bring or for what they can teach you or help you transform.

Energy is real. It is a “thing” – but it’s not the only thing required for forward movement or success. The person you’re learning from needs the right energy AND must have the skills to be able to support you in the growth of your business and/or mindset.

It’s like trying to bake a cake without the egg. You definitely need that egg but if you only have the egg, you just end up with an omelette, not a cake.

#2 is that you have to buy something at X, Y, Z price in order to be able to charge that as a service provider.

This is also fundamentally false because you may have a skillset, education or experience that warrants you charging a higher price.

I do believe that there is an energy exchange when you make investments, and there should be some sort of investment integrity- ie: you want people to hire you as a coach, but don’t believe in investing in coaches yourself…

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go out and spend that exact amount on another coach just to justify your price. Your experience, your knowledge and your skills are justification enough.

Not to mention that just like their are ebbs and flow in with income, there are ebbs and flow in what you invest in in your business and when.

Next, I’ll be dropping 2 more big lies told in the coaching industry… stay tuned!