Today, I want to talk about debt as a business owner vs debt as an employee. Debt has such a bad stigma and I want to break that for you today. Because it’s all perspective really.⁣

As an entrepreneur who is all in on investing in themselves and what they believe in, it’s a completely different story than racking up debt for dumb shit you can’t afford. So…⁣

If you’re worried about putting investments on your credit card…⁣

If you feel shame around a business loan…⁣

If you feel fear around investing in yourself because you don’t have the physical cash…⁣

I know that debt is looked at just as badly as that scarlet letter A. Even though physically people can’t SEE what’s behind closed doors or in your bank account… it’s almost as if people walk around with a big letter D on their forehead and lower their heads in shame about it.⁣

The reality is, debt as a business owner is not the same as debt as an employee. As an entrepreneur/business owner- you are INVESTING in yourself, in your future, in tools and shortcuts that are going to MAKE YOU MORE MONEY.⁣

As an employee with a fixed salary that will likely never be able to pay it back or make more than a couple dollar raise a year, I can see where one can get into big trouble with credit or debt.⁣

But as an Entrepreneur- no way. It’s not the same. You are borrowing money to make more money. This is what ALL wealthy people do. This is what all financially smart people do. Every multi million or billion dollar company in the world has borrowed money to either start, grow or scale their companies.⁣

That’s why business credit and SBA loans and grants are an actual thing. Smart business owners borrow money to make more money and if you look at it that way, debt won’t seem as horrible as the lay person makes it out to be.⁣

In fact, my business partner and I are working behind the scenes to bring a new level of business coaching to entrepreneurs that includes financial education and helps people get the funding they need to grow their business. (More on this to come!)⁣

Here are some things I invest in as a business owner: team, mentorship (aka shortcuts), software, PR, and advertising. These are all things that will benefit and grow my business in the long run, so I don’t see using a credit card or a loan for these things as a debt, or even an expense. They are investments in the future of my business!⁣

Want more? Listen to this podcast: The Truth About Debt in Business- where I go deeper into this ideas of debt as a business owner vs debt as an employee.⁣


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“Every moment or circumstance in which you question yourself or doubt- is really just an opportunity to anchor in your faith and your trust. To know, without question, that everything is always working in your favor- always. Even when it looks like it’s not. ⁣⁣To be able to hold that energy no matter what… that’s what I’ve dubbed #TheFaithFrequency and that’s where all of your desires manifest.⁣”

– Jenna Faith

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