Today, I’m going to get a little ranty because I feel like too much wrong (or incomplete information) is being thrown on the internet and if you’re not savvy enough or pay attention you could fall victim to believing things that won’t actually help your business.

(PS this is why I started the Daily Millionaire- to give you massive, free value that will actually help your business GROW)

On any given day, I see multiple ads about growing your email list- for that I am so happy! Because it is not a luxury or a “nice to have” it is a necessity and a REQUIREMENT to have a successful and sustainable business.

But when I open the ad, or click on the link… I immediately roll my eyes and get discouraged (for you).

You usually see something along the lines of: Create an amazing opt in, or create a lucrative lead magnet! And while that is part of the process- the first step- it’s not the complete picture.

What they don’t tell you:

Just because you build it – does not mean that they will come.

They’re not actually telling you HOW to grow your list, using that opt in/lead magnet- so I will.

Broken down simply- you can do this three ways. What I call the borrowed, built, bought pillars:

I love #2, because it’s fast, free AND builds instant trust and credibility with a new audience.

The reality is social media has changed. A lot. Organic growth isn’t what it once was…

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do believe that it is still effective to some degree, it just takes more work, more posting and takes longer to build a significant size audience. Basically, you gotta live on social media, post often and be sickeningly (is that even a word!?) consistent for it to even move the needle just a lil bit!

So what should you do?

Well, you could go extreme right and hop into Facebook or other types of paid ads. But unless you have a decent budget for ads, are tech savvy and/or can pay someone to do them for you. They are costly, and it takes some time to see an ROI in what you’re putting out. (I recommend this for my clients at $10K+ a month with a solid signature offer that already sells.)

So organic social is slow…Paid advertising is expensive…

I remember being at a place where I thought, okay now what? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Then people began asking me to be on their podcasts, to give a class in their Facebook group or their mastermind or write an article for a widely known publication.

These people already had audiences that trusted them. On most occasions, I could pitch a “free thing” to their audience or invite people to follow me on my socials.

Eureka!! 🪄🪄

Aside from guest posting and being a guest on someone’s podcast or Facebook group, I began to explore other ways that I could “leverage someone else’s audience.”

This is where partnerships, opt in swaps and other collaborative list builders came into play. (I’ve talked about how to do this in previous message- check your archives!)

Because… you can create any lead magnet you want… but who’s going to opt in?Just like you can create any program or course you want… but who’s going to buy?

You need a list of interested people who want to hear from you- (that’s an email list by the way- NOT a clusterf*ck of randoms on your socials that only see your things if the algorithm wants them to.)

If audience growth is on your priority list for this year… (and it should be!) – release your focus on constant social media posting and dial in on a partnership strategy where you can reach your ideal clients for FREE- with a lot less work.