Today I want to talk about the journey your clients go on from the moment someone learns about your business to asking them to become a customer or client.
Essentially this is your “funnel”- how you filter someone from a stranger to a subscriber to eventually becoming a buyer.

Most people don’t have trouble with the first part- they attract people with a fancy lead magnet and social media posts. It’s the conversion to a buyer that’s the big problem for most coaches and online entrepreneurs.

Why is that?

What I’ve found is that many times it’s because we don’t have a solid and smooth journey for them to take.

In my programs- I call my funnels training “the client journey” for a reason. We think funnels have to be complicated or stressful.

Instead of thinking that way, why not change our perspective to see it as a clear path to take someone from A to B. Literally that’s all it is- a series of emails that takes them from just learning more about you, to becoming a buyer. (I’ll talk about loyal and repeat buyers later).

The missing link is VALUE. In a saturated market, a semi-okay lead magnet is NOT enough to move someone to become a buyer- that’s just the first step.
We need to continue to add value before asking for the sale.

This is where I see most people go wrong:
>> The lead magnet is just “okay” – good headlines, good marketing, but the content is fluffy
>> I’m immediately asked to purchase something for between $7 and $47 (sometimes higher) without even knowing who the heck you are or if you know what you’re talking about
>> I get the lead magnet and the content/value isn’t compelling enough for me to want to spend any money with you (not even $7)
>> Sometimes, I may be tempted to buy the thing. I buy it and think “man, THIS should have been the free thing”.

In our online world, it’s hard to tell who’s good, who’s not, what’s real and what’s BS. Your lead magnet is your first line of defense. YOUR chance to make a 1st impression. Your funnel is the next.