Happy 2nd quarter of the year my friends. I just wrapped up my monthly bookkeeping and whoah, have the financial flood gates burst right open. Just 6 months ago I was flailing. I was throwing all kinds of things out into the world, hoping that something would stick. No luck.

At that defining broke moment, when I had to borrow money to pay my son’s tuition, I knew things had to change because my way was no longer working (actually, it never was). I took decisive, inspired action and never looked back. I went balls to the wall with everything I did. Six figures and wait lists didn’t just happen. Clients didn’t just fall into my lap and tell me they loved me. Money didn’t just magically appear in my account. I had to work for it.

Now granted, it didn’t seem like work to me because I genuinely love what I do- all the pieces of it. From connecting, to coaching, to creating content. I am truly living my passion and my soul’s purpose (just in case you couldn’t tell)

For me, building this business isn’t about competition or proving anything. This is about freedom. My deep why for doing this. Financial freedom, freedom from debt and worry, time freedom, freedom to travel around the world with my family, freedom to sleep in and wake up and do what I love each and every day.

Monthly Income


Look at the growth in just 6 months! It didn’t happen over night but it happened really fast.

It didn’t come without the hustle and heart, don’t get me wrong- I worked my tush off. I’m telling you this to show you, first hand,  that anything is possible once your mind is made up and you’re moving in the right direction.

AND I’m going to show you exactly how I did it- no fluff, no BS, just the real hard facts of what it took to book over $100,000 in new clients in 90 days.

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Comment below and tell me how your life would drastically change if you were consistently bringing in $10,000; $20,000 or more in your business each MONTH.