Popularity is a social phenomenon that dictates who or what is best liked through peer influence. Since popularity is judged in a social context, targets can quickly skyrocket or plummet, based solely on how they are perceived by others at any given point in time.

With the ever-present role of social media in our lives, it’s easy to see how quickly popularity comes and goes. Being popular can surely give you a high, and make you feel important, loved or wanted, but the hard truth is that it won’t last. You may get a few months of Instagram fame until the next, hotter, younger thing comes around and steals your thunder.

Think back to your high school days, when the jocks and cheerleaders were the most desirable and admirable people we knew. In just a few years, those that were crowned Prom King and Queen are now overweight and unsuccessful.

Being popular comes with a lot of pressure. If you’re not producing or you make one wrong move, you’re done. You fall from grace. Look at athletes like Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong or celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. When all eyes are on you, there’s very little room for error. Constantly worrying about what others think is draining. You always have to say the right things, perform flawlessly, look your best and act perfectly.

Instead of focusing on being popular, focus on how you want to be remembered in life. (continue reading on Elite Daily)