overnight successNext month will mark the one year anniversary that I got my first paying client. It also marks the 2nd year anniversary of when I bought my domain name for my website. It was an entire year from when I decided I wanted to start a business before I actually got a paying client.


I was hiding, I was nervous, I was scared. I was a perfectionist and I thought everything had to be just right before. So, I never asked for business, I barely told anyone what I did, hell- I didn’t even have coaching packages on my website.

My low self-esteem and lack of confidence from childhood and previous relationships carried over into my entrepreneurial journey. I thought people wouldn’t like me. I thought I wasn’t smart enough, good enough or trained enough to help people.

It was only when I got to the point that I had to basically “do or die” did I start taking action. I got a little help, explored (from the sidelines) outside of my small circle, but I still had walls up. Walls of control and self doubt that kept me playing small.

About five months ago, I finally had the epiphany I needed. It sucks that I had to hit rock bottom in order to rise to the top. For me, that’s what it took. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

So what changed? How did I go from zero clients, no one knowing about me, to a successful 5 figure a month business- just.like.that? I worked my ass off and I surrendered. I want to talk about my story so I can help other women who are on the path to pursuing their dreams, and getting bogged down and overwhelmed with all the other shit that goes along with that.

I’m not just a coach. I’m an entrepreneur. There’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes that’s never talked about. It didn’t happen overnight, it happened over time. But I can certainly show you how to shorten that learning curve.

Check out my free call where I shared my story and talk about the exact steps I took to go from zero to $50K in just a few short months. And how you can do it too.

Everyone sees the success, no one sees the struggle.