Who Are You_ And What Are You Here For_(2)

Change is a motherfucker. I see why so many people resist it. I used to be one of those people. I liked things my way. If I created something, thought of something or had an opinion on something, I stuck to it. It became part of me. Something I had a grasp on and wasn’t going to let go. I guess it boiled down to a feeling of control.

Jenn Scalia, the coach, came from recognizing I had to change myself after 30+ years. I had to. I lost “Mr. Right.” I was jobless, in massive debt and emotionally and mentally strapped.

I had to dig deep, take off the mask, fess up to all the messed up shit I did and the pain I caused myself and others. Most people can’t do this. In fact, I never thought I could (or maybe I just didn’t want to). I despised saying I was sorry or admitting I was wrong. I turned the other cheek when it came to taking responsibility for the mistakes I made.

The realization of my part is what inspired me to be more. To do more. To take what I learned and share it with the world.

The most important lesson throughout my journey so far was I had to let go. Some things I would never have control over.

Once I was able to grasp that, I allowed other people and situations in. I was more open to change, to suggestions, to help and support. Who the hell was I to think I could do it all on my own? I couldn’t if I ever wanted to soar. Not if I wanted to stop playing small.

For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you can see the massive evolution that has been my business, my brand and myself. I went through a lot of shifts, both personally and professionally. I tried out new things, scrapped things that weren’t working and invested a ton of time, effort (and money) to get things just right.

Even though I went through big changes, I am still me. Just a better, more refined version.

With this, I invite you to experience my new and improved online haven, created just for you: www.JennScalia.com

I am thrilled, inspired and excited for what is to come. My internal changes have projected outwardly in a beautiful, harmonious way. Like all the stars have finally aligned.

I want to offer you that kind of evolution. I want you to experience the shifts and finally change your life and relationships for good.

To celebrate my new site, I am hosting a contest. One lucky winner will receive a 90-minute Shake It Up Session. (value: $349)

Want in? Check it out and enter here.