This concept of “overnight success” comes up all the time in the online marketing/coaching space. People who are touted as having it happen so fast, when no one really knows what was going on behind the scenes.
– how how they worked
– how many months (or years) they’ve been at it
– how many times they failed
– how many businesses they had previously
– how many “no’s” they’ve gotten
and so on…

I saw this awesome graphic online the other day, that perfectly depicts the REAL story behind overnight success:

Now, this is such an accurate depiction of what it really is. And as much as I’ve tried to be transparent, real and vulnerable about my story over the last year. There is still a lot that many of you don’t know- including my battles with divorce, depression and debt (to the tune of $50K).
Tonight, I am bearing it all. I want to reveal everything- the good, the bad and the ugly- about what it took for me to build my coaching business to where it’s at today.
So I’m not just talking practical stuff, but I’m getting raw and real with my personal story, because I think it’s important.
I think so many of us have a story and sometimes we’re shamed for it, so we hide it, and we don’t realize the integral role those stories (and those failures) play in the grand scheme of things.
So I invite you to join me for an intimate look at the last three years of my life and how it brought me to this moment today. And how you can turn your story around. How you can change, be or do anything you desire- no matter how bad or how hopeless things may seem.