Six months ago, my life and business were completely different. I had hit mid-six figures in my coaching business, but I did it with a lot of hustle and not a lot of flow.

I was working lots of hours and getting burnt out. I struggled with maintaining boundaries with clients and also with delegating certain tasks. And frankly, I was doing a lot of things I didn’t enjoy doing.

In December 2015, I got the opportunity to work with someone who had been on my radar for a while and was known as a peak performance coach to billionaires and professional athletes.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I needed to work on my performance. I’m a go getter, ambitious and had worked my way up to half a million dollars in revenue in a short amount of time.
But of course, I went for it and decided to work with Todd Herman 1:1 through his 90 Day Year upgrade.

On our very first call, he pulled out all the stops and literally turned my business upside down with one question… “Why are you doing that?”

“THAT” he was referring to was one on one coaching- the life line of my entire business. The thing that brought in over 80% of my revenue.

I remember standing there, thinking to myself “Why AM I doing this?” I had no real answer except that I thought I was “supposed” to do business this way if I wanted to be successful. I thought it was the only way that I could reach high six or seven figures.

Now of course, he assured me that it was NOT the only way to be successful and that in fact, doing this one thing that didn’t fall in line with my zone of genius was actually killing my business.

What happened next changed me and my business forever. Todd told me about a specific business model faux pas that I (and many other coaches and service providers) royally screw up.

This mistake was not only costing me money, but it was costing me my sanity.

Todd was on a mission to prove me wrong. When he asked me whose businesses I admired, I shot off people like Ramit Sethi, Amy Porterfield and Marie Forleo. All of whom… dun, dun, dun… did NOT do 1:1 coaching.

{Insert Lightbulb Moment}

In a matter of minutes, he proved to me (or rather I proved to myself) that I did not need to do anything in my business that did not light me up and that I could make a TON more money by doing what was in my zone of genius. Things like writing, creating and cultivating community.

So of course, I had to ease into this. No way was I going to quit cold turkey- after all, this WAS the lifeline of my business. I made a statement that I would “phase” it out by the end of 2016.

And don’t you know it, 6 months into 2016, I no longer offer 1:1 services outside of my 10 month mastermind.

My income has doubled, (If you’re doing the math, that means, I went from $500K to $1 Million) and I’m working less and loving my business more!


Here are some of the BIGGEST lessons I’ve learned by working with Todd.

Switching in and out of modes kills your productivity– This is something that took me a long time to comprehend until I saw Todd explain it in action. When you are switching in and out of different modes (think: writing to coaching, to marketing, and back to writing, then working on a project, then checking Facebook, etc. etc.), you practically get ZERO done in your business. You’re have a bunch of unfinished tasks and projects and even though you’ve been working hard, you’ve got nothing to show for it. (Sound familiar?)

Operating in the wrong business model will stunt your business growth– Every one of our businesses is unique and every one of us is unique as a business owner. You actually don’t have to be a “Coach, Author and Speaker” because that’s the norm, and in fact, doing all three is actually detrimental to your business. Some people are natural writers and content creators (that’s me!), others are great listeners and coaches, others are excellent at training and facilitating. And if you try to do too many of these things, especially ones that don’t logically go together, your long term business is screwed.

Spending too much time on non money making activities will cost you more than just money (think time, sanity, peace of mind)– Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you’re supposed to… Guilty, guilty, guilty! I was the WORST offender of this and I see it day in and day out with my clients and tribe. Doing activities and tasks that will NOT make you money and spending hours on activities that should very well be outsourced. One thing I learned at the live 90DY event in Vegas was: “A CEO should never be doing any task that can be outsourced for minimum wage” (Ouch!)

Hands up now… are you guilty of doing any of these things?

If so, you need to start following Todd and his 90 Day Year trainings.

Over the next few weeks, I will be proudly sharing teachings that took my business to the next level and allowed me to nearly double my income in less than 6 months… All while working less and doing what feels good.

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