I used to be so unsure of myself that the thought of making a decision paralyzed me. It didn’t matter what it was, I couldn’t choose. It could be as insignificant as what to eat for dinner or as big as should I leave my husband. Either question meant an internal battle.

I was afraid I would make the wrong decision, so I didn’t make any. And I was the butt of jokes with my friends. I was so indecisive, the words “I don’t know” came out of my mouth at least ten times a day.

I really did know. I just didn’t trust what I knew/thought/felt. I thought if I made a decision, it was set in stone and I wouldn’t be able to change my mind.

As women, we often have this stigma about changing our minds – we’re taught it’s a bad thing. If we make a decision, we have to stick to it or else we risk looking crazy.

As I grew in my life and relationships, I was able to get over my indecisiveness. I discovered who I was and it felt good. Once I stepped into my power, I was able to start making choices of all kinds, and I made them based on what I wanted.

However, when it came to my business, my old ways started creeping up again. If I came up with a tagline or colors for my website or a new program or a price, I felt as though I would have to stick to it. The truth is just as I evolved in my personal life and relationships, my business is ever evolving. I had to be comfortable with the fact that things would always be changing, and that was okay. My intention is to continue to expand and create with you in mind.

That being said, I have decided to re-open enrollment for Relationsh!t Rehab. Originally, when doors closed a month ago, I wasn’t going to offer it again until January. But since then, I’ve gotten to speak to so many amazing women and interact personally with a lot of you. My heart told me that I had to open this up in a new way for the women who are really ready to take action and put themselves first.

I could have listened to my head (and my business coach) and waited until January, but I decided to listen to my gut. And you know what the best part is? Having the confidence and courage to change my mind and feel really good about it.

Relationsh!t Rehab is officially re-open for enrollment for 10 AMAZING WOMEN who are ready to change their lives and their relationships. Not only will you get 6 weekly modules with audios and worksheets, you’ll get one-on-one time with me. That’s right: 6 private sessions to help you rediscover you and get on the fast track to the life and relationship of your dreams.

I’m also offering this at a special rate. But space is limited and the offer ends on 10.31.14.

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