Have you fallen into the trap of believing that it’s too late to make money this month?

It’s not. It’s all in your mindset.

As soon as I had my first 5 figure month, I declared that I would never make less than that again. And I didn’t. It was upward momentum from there.

There were three major things I did consistently throughout the last twelve months that allowed me to have consistent and continued success.

Those three things were : Action, Content and Expansion.

Action- I lived by the motto: Act first, think later. As soon as I got inspired with an idea for an opt in, program or blog post, I took action and got it done.

Content- I created killer, strategic content that my audience wanted and needed. Good, quality content is Queen. It’s the vehicle to reaching and engaging potential clients with tons of value.

Expansion– I was constantly looking for ways I could improve or become better at what I did. I stretched myself, made bigger goals and held higher expectations.

Now, I want YOU to ACE 2016 and crush your goals utilizing these strategies.That’s why I created my next challenge: A.C.E. 2016.

We’ll be focusing on three areas of business: Action, Content and Expansion. Each day for 7 days you will be challenged with a prompt from each of the 3 areas. By the time 7 days are up- 21 actions towards your success will be completed.

These will include actually creating videos and content, getting out of your comfort zone, expanding your network, outlining your book, writing vulnerable blog posts, increasing your rates and much more.

Plus, you’ll get a kick up the butt to make shit happen and to create the business you desire and deserve in 2016.

AND to make sure you actually complete the actions, there will be prizes (yes, prizes!) for the people who participate most and get results (as if kicking 2016’s ass isn’t a good enough incentive).

Click here to find out more about the ACE 2016 challenge, the awesome prizes and to register.