So many people want the strategies, the how and the what. But very few people actually know WHY they want it. I had a client talk to me about her financial goals. I wanted to get super clear on what those were before we started diving into HOW it would happen.

Because the truth is: the how doesn’t matter, if you don’t know why you want it. The Universe/God isn’t going to drop a million dollars in your lap just because you want it. And you can hustle until you’re blue in the face, but if you’re not aligned with why you want the money, or the success, it will remain just out of your reach. Or worse, you’ll reach the success you thought you wanted and it won’t make you happy at all.

I’m all about the strategies and the processes and the how to’s, but only once you are congruent with the work that you are doing.

Because that’s when the REAL magic happens.

When I first started my business, I was so out of whack and alignment with what I was truly meant to do, that no matter how hard I tried, it simply did not work. When I reflect back now, I can see that I was doing a lot of the same things I am doing now, but the results weren’t the same because it lacked passion, it lacked conviction, and it lacked belief.

Some of the biggest lessons about business I learned had nothing at all to do with strategies, and everything to do with mindset. Then when you have the right mindset and you’re fully committed, you can implement the strategies and explode your business.

That’s pretty much how it works.

So, if you’re struggling with any part of your life or business, take a step back and reflect. What’s missing?

Is your mindset off?

Are you really doing the work you are meant to do?

Or do you have all of the above, but just get need the actual strategies of how to make it happen?

For each person, it’s different. I invite you to figure out what you need to move forward right now, but more importantly what you want and WHY.

When your vision and your mission is so big, so strong, NOTHING will get in the way of your success.


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