With the arrival of the new year, many people are setting goals, resolutions and intentions. On one hand, it feels good to seem like we have a clean slate, a new place to start over and a another chance to get it right.

But the problem with setting goals or intentions, is oftentimes a new year doesn’t just magically show us a new way to actually achieve them, so we end up in the same circles we were in before. Knowing what we want, but still not really knowing how to get them.

So my gift to you, is to tell you the exact process I’ve used to get everything I want: clients, money, relationships, homes, cars, and even weight loss. It’s the same process no matter what you’re trying to get.

Step 1: Write out your intentions. Then next to each one, write how you would FEEL once you actually have those things. Feelings are the real secret to manifestation. If you can’t feel the feelings now before you have the thing, it will never happen for you. Tricky, I know (but we cover more of this in the 30 Day Experience)

Step 2: Add a date to your intentions to make it that much more real. Like this: “I reach my goal weight by February 20th, 2017” or like this: “I created over $2M in revenue by December 2017.”

Step 3: Place 3 action items next to each one. What are some of the things you can do to get the ball rolling. You don’t need to know the whole process, but what will get the ball rolling and open the doors to get what you want? For example, you want to lose weight, your action items can be: prep my meals for the week, hire a personal trainer, reduce my sugar intake

Step 4: Turn on the blinders. This is another step most people don’t talk about when it comes to manifestation. A lot of times when we go off track or start not believing that we can actually get what we want, it’s a result of outside circumstances and other people’s beliefs (pretty crappy, huh?) Eliminate or ignore anyone or anything that tells you that you cannot have what you want.

Step 5: Let go and surrender to the process. Know, believe and expect without a doubt that what you seek is seeking you and your desires are literally waiting to manifest for you.

The last part is often the hardest for people to do. Most of the time people get so wrapped up in trying to make X happen when they want it to, how they want it to. They keep such a tight grip on the need for the desire, that it ends up eluding them.

Sounds counterintuitive, right? But there is a fine line and a balance that must be achieved to do this manifesting thing properly. That’s why it doesn’t work for some people, while others get extraordinary results.