A pre-med student, a real estate agent, an esthetician, a shoe salesman and a administrative assistant all walk into a bar…

Sorry, there’s no joke here. At one point in my life, I was did all of those things for a living, amongst a slew of other things. All these “jobs” were short lived, not doing any one thing for more than just a couple years (or a couple of days.)

People always say if you’re a jack of all trades, you’re a master of none. I tend disagree with that statement, simply because I was amazing at ALL of these things. I received praise from my colleagues, supervisors and friends on how good I was at this, or how good I was at that. So why didn’t I ever settle down to do any of these things? Truth be told, I was BORED. Out of my friggin’ mind. Nothing could keep my interest, there was no passion in any of these things I was doing.

In the words of one my favorite mentors Brendon Bruchard, “Curiosity doesn’t kill the creative, it makes them feel alive”. Now I’ve only virtually worked with Brendon, but when I read these words in his book The Millionaire Messenger, it was on of those “A-HA” moments. I am what the experts call a “creative”- a writer, blogger, artist, helper, motivator, butt kicker and sometimes, a comedian. And I KNOW that there are more of us out there than what’s been shown.

So many creative people are bogged down with a “regular” job, doing some mundane, boring tasks day in and day out and wonder why the eff they are miserable. They did what their parents, teachers, friends, bosses and society told them they should do. Something that would guarantee them a steady salary, insurance, sometimes a pension and possibly some other “perks”.

But what happens when the layoffs come around? What happens when the company you’ve done so much for decides they can hire someone to do your “job” for half the salary they’re paying you? Or even worse, what happens if something drastic happens in your life, and you are unable to work a regular job? Most people are barely surviving on their current salary as it is. Any blow to their income would be devastating to most. The only real way around this is to create a sustainable business working for YOURSELF, doing something you LOVE.

Perfection in the job puts perfection in the work. -Aristotle

It’s time for our society to start live a “Want To” Life instead of a “Have To” Life. To most, this idea sounds ridiculous. But to the creative, to the hard worker with that innate entrepreneurial spirit- this sounds not only awesome, but 100% possible. If you’re one of the bold ones, if you are ready to take your life to the next level and start loving every minute of it, let’s talk. I’m ready to help as many people as possible get unstuck and MAKE MONEY! No clue how, or what? That’s what I’m here for. I did it, and there’s not a single reason why you can’t do it too. Don’t wait, start today and your tomorrow will shine brighter than you could have ever imagined.


Photo Credit: Alamy/www.guardian.co.uk