There are so many people that try to hard to be something they’re not. I see it day in and day out through social media and when I go out to nightclubs and bars. Everyone is so concerned about how they “appear” to others and how they are going to impress. It’s actually sad to see that people are more concerned with their outer appearance and beauty and neglect to consider that the real depth and character of a person comes from within.

Our generation is riddled with competition. It’s all perception, but the thing we fail to understand is that none of it matters. What you look like, how many Instagram or Facebook followers or likes you have means nothing. It may make you feel wanted or loved for a second, but when it comes down to it- if you’re not comfortable and in love with yourself- no one else will ever be either.

Think about who you really want to be? What do you want to be known for?  What do you want people to remember and love you for? In 10 years, are people going to remember what you looked like, or they going to remember the impact you had on their lives? How you made them feel? What you were able to help them accomplish?

I believe we all have something great to give to the world, but when looks, image and status quo reign over everything, it’s hard for that vision to come to life. I think as a whole, we need to start loving and embracing each other more and stop comparing, belittling and competing.

I’m far from perfect and I admit it freely. I feel that everyone should own their imperfections, because that’s what makes you, YOU. So what if you’re a little quirky, or you have a funny laugh- that might actually put a smile on someone’s face. Who cares if you have a slightly larger than average nose or a gap in your teeth- that’s what makes you uniquely beautiful. Some imperfections run deeper, into the core of one’s personality and being. For me, I know I can be a little too demanding or stubborn at times, but if I wasn’t- I sure as heck wouldn’t be surviving as an entrepreneur. I would still be a slave to the 9-5, handcuffed to my cubicle.

So I say, embrace all those things that make you uniquely you, because imperfect is the new black. Stop trying too hard to fit in and be liked. The right people will love you for you. And frankly, I’d rather be an imperfect me than a knockoff copy of someone else.