The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Scratch that. The last 8 months have been. When I transitioned my coaching business to working solely with entrepreneurs, I was in it to win it. I was so aligned with who I was serving and how I could best serve them.I got better and better every time I coached. I got clearer on my mission with each new client. I’ve literally coached thousands – yes, THOUSANDS of women since January.

I learned so much about myself. But in the process, I also forgot about myself.

The last few weeks have been tough (and I’ve become very good at hiding it). There was just too much going on. I have so many people who want a piece of me, leaving pretty much nothing for myself, my son, my family and my LIFE.

Last week, I coached 100 people in 5 days. This was on top of my regular client calls, traveling across the country, podcast interviews, ideal client interviews and discovery sessions.

I learned some really big lessons. And I want to share them with you because it’s a big part of the reason I’m quitting this business.

Burnout and overwhelm are not sexy – I’m tired, anxious and can’t sleep. I have bags and circles under my eyes and I’m damn near close to burnout.

I actually did give too much for free – Although my motto is “you can never give to much for free,” that goes out the window when you’re giving so much of yourself that nothing is left for your loved ones. I’m such a giver and love to serve, but I let people take advantage of me.

The people I thought were my people, weren’t actually my people – Through the evolution of my business, I realized I’m not available for hand-holding or codependent coach/client relationships. I will only work with go-getters, leaders and those who are wiling to do what it takes to make their dreams a reality.

I am damn good at what I do and I get results
– My clients are amazing and successful. One client had a $50K launch within weeks or hiring me, another had a $30K month two months into working together, another quit her six figure corporate job. My clients have had features on Huffington Post and other major media outlets and are being seen as the go-to in their niche.

So, instead I’m starting a brand new biz. One that feels good, supports the lifestyle I desire, and energizes and inspires me to go even bigger.

From here forward, I’m going to be extremely limited with my 1:1 practice. I won’t give it up altogether, because I love it. But I am only going to take two clients each month. My clients literally get all of me. Their business is just as important as mine. I over deliver, add massive value, transform their lives and business and get real results.

I’m also extending the length of my 1:1 program to four (4) months. I’ve found that at around the 90-day mark, most clients start to have major breakthroughs. I want to be there to support those for an additional 30 days to help solidify their life changes.

And along with extending the term of my 1:1 coaching package, I’m increasing the price. Effective October 1, 2015, the rate for my 4 month 1:1 visibility and business strategy program will be $12,000. However, those of you on my email list and in my Facebook group have the opportunity to work with me at my current rate of $7500 for 3 months if you book one of the four slots in September.

If you are SERIOUS about up-leveling your current biz and want to be seen as an industry influencer, apply here to have a connection call with me.

If you’re not ready for 1:1 coaching, don’t worry. You can still work with me in The Little Black Business Book, The Inner Circle and my upcoming visibility program “Get P.A.I.D. (Position. Authority. Impact. Dollars.)”

Bottom line: My private program will be extended to four months and the rate increases to $12K on October 1st. If you want to work with me in September, I’ve opened four slots at my current rate of $7500 for 3 months, an offer only available to those on my list and in my Facebook group.
Thank you so much for your support as I change my business model to support you even more.