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When you’re thinking about making the investment in yourself and your business by hiring a coach, you want to make sure you are making the right decision. There are so many amazing coaches, they all do different things and we are all unique. So how do you choose the right one in a sea of so much awesomeness? There are several things to consider and some things that should not be a factor when making your decision.

Coming from someone who has invested small amounts and large amounts in coaching and training, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and have had some regrets. So I want to tell you everything I know, but from the inside and the outside of this industry.

When I first started coaching, I was a life coach, not a business coach and I didn’t have the best understanding of why I even needed one. My take now, is that pretty much everyone needs a coach. Someone to hold you accountable for the shit you said you were going to do, someone who is going to push you, guide you, show you the ropes and take you further than you would ever go on your own, especially if you intend to be the best of the best and uber successful.

Think about athletes, and actors- the best of the best have coaches. The don’t have coaches because they’re not good, they have coaches because they are really good and understand the importance of striving to be better, learning more and of course, just having someone there to support them in everything they do. ESPECIALLY if you are on here and you are a coach. You need a coach. How on earth can you expect your clients to invest in you as a coach if you are not willing to invest in a coach yourself. You can only take your clients as deep as you are willing to go.

And I feel like you won’t really understand the importance of having a coach until you invest in a one. The level of support and growth that having a coach provides is undeniable, but only if it’s the right coach.

I know people that have had really good experiences (myself included) and I know people who haven’t had the greatest of experiences. So that’s why I’m doing this call today- so you can consider all the elements before you make a decision. So let’s get to it.

First thing’s first, do your research. This doesn’t mean googling them and finding out who they boyfriend was in high school. Do your research past just checking out their site. Are they contributors to other blogs, or have they been a part of podcasts, teleconferences and events. Check them out- find out if you like what they have to say. Also, ask around. Talk to people who have worked with them and see what their experience was.

Next, assess their their path– Have they been where you want to be? Now I want to be frank that the amount of time isn’t relevant here. Whether it took 7 years or 7 months for them to be successful shouldn’t matter. Do they walk their talk? If someone has done something, they are likely to be able to help you achieve the same- whatever that may be. Do you want to make 6 figures in 6 months? Look for someone who’s done it. Do you want to be a well known speaker or a published author- then that’s what you should be looking for.

Ask yourself what you need most in your business right now? Do you need help with sales, marketing,systems or launches. Look for someone who can help you with what you need right now. Do you need clarity on your messaging or branding- find someone who is an expert in that. Do you know have a business that no one knows about? Maybe you need a coach that specializes in confidence and visibility. Go for what you need right now.

Next, do what feels right. This is a big one for me. The connection you feel when you get on a  consult call with a potential coach is priceless. Do you feel empowered, excited and like you can really trust and open up to this person. This part is so crucial, because someone can have all the credentials in the world but if you just don’t vibe with them, the entire course of your coaching together is going not going to be pleasurable and you will likely either butt heads or not listen at all when they make suggestions for you.

What’s their coaching style? Is it more consulting and advice based or do they use traditional coaching methods where they ask questions and pull things out of you. Choose a coach who’s style you jive with. Do you want someone to literally guide you and give you action steps or are you looking for someone to intuitively guide you by showing you what’s already inside you.

What do they offer? Is this coaching, advice, accountability, support or resources. What do you need most? How do you learn best. Think about what they offer as a coach and is it in line with what you need to take you to the next level.

What’s included? Does their coaching package include phone or Skype calls. In person meetings, bonuses, workshops or email access. Everyone is different. Some people will be fine with just a phone call once a week, others will need a little more support than that. Do you want access to your coach through email and Facebook, do you want additional resources from your coach.

No Pressure– I feel very strongly about this one because most of the stories I hear of people having bad coaching experiences also felt pressured to sign on with that coach. This shouldn’t be about them convincing you that you NEED them, or that you must invest in them in order to be successful. You should be so sold on the value of their offer and their coaching, that you don’t need convincing.

Which brings me to the final point, which is to make it a hell yes. I know as a coach, I want all my clients to be excited and ready to work with me. I want them to be a hell yes, all the way and you should feel the same way. Basically unless it is an absolute yes, it’s a no. As the book The Prosperous Coach states, there’s no such thing as a “hell maybe”

Now I want to talk briefly about some things that should not be on the top of your list to consider when hiring a coach.  Some of these things will play a small role, depending on the person. But should not be the major reasons why or why not you choose a specific coach.

Price. Now obviously if you don’t have the financial resources to invest in a $50,000 coach, then you don’t have it. But we all know that people become really resourceful when they really want something. And I do believe you have to stretch yourself. The bigger the financial investment, the more invested you are in the coaching. I firmly believe that out of pure experience. When I hired my coach, I had negative $200 in my bank account. I wanted it bad, she did what I wanted to do, there was a strong connection and I knew without a doubt I was ready to invest in HER. I did what I had to do to make that happen. My point here is if you are considering Coach A or Coach B and Coach A doesn’t really have everything you want, and hasn’t achieved what you want to achieve, don’t just choose Coach A because she’s half the price- consider all the other factors as well.

Status– just because someone has an elite status, or you see them all over the place doesn’t mean they are the right coach for you.

Education– there a lot of discussion and debate about this. You do not need a certification to call yourself a coach or coach people. I have one, and not one person has ever asked me for my credentials. Likewise, college or degrees are not necessary. In this case, I believe that experience and knowledge speaks louder than formal education. However, if formal education and degrees ARE important to you, then look for someone who has them. Coaching is about results. Can your coach produce the results you crave.

Time– Like I previously stated- the amount of time it took someone to walk your path, doesn’t matter all that much, as long as they have walked it and done it. For some coaches, it took 5, 6 or 7 years to get where they are now. For some, it took 5, 6 or 7 months. Just because someone has been doing it longer, does not mean that they are better than someone who has experienced success faster.

There is so much to consider and I know it’s overwhelming but for good reason. This is an investment not only in yourself and your business, but in your future. Most coaches offer clarity calls or discovery sessions so you can get to talk to them and see what they have to offer and it’s a good fit. Find a few coaches that you think you’d love to work with and set up that call.

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