Just a few months ago, I was a struggling coach. I was quite clueless on how this online game even worked. I was literally throwing stuff against the wall, hoping it would stick. I had no idea where to find my clients and if they would even pay me for my services. In addition, I had no idea how I was going to reach so many people without shelling out thousands of dollars in Facebook ads and other advertising. I had no game plan.

I thought I could just show up. Tout my pretty little website and people would just come to me- ya know, because they are mind readers and they somehow knew I was the one that could help them. Boy was I wrong. I built it. And they didn’t come.

I had to think outside of the box, get creative and separate myself from every other coach out there. I did a lot of different things and I won’t get into the nitty gritty details today, but the more I think about it, these three words keep coming up as I reflect back on the actions I took to be booked solid now.

Connect. Create. Coach.

Connect. As an introvert this was a tough one for me. I honestly thought if I just told a few people what I did, that my practice would grow through word of mouth and by people landing on my website. It wasn’t until I actually started connecting with people who could potentially need my help that this became a real viable thing for me. I started connecting left and right, making friends, networking, keeping up with my social media, taking part in other coaches’ telesummits and programs. Bottom line, like it or not- I HAD to put myself out there.

Create. Blogs, videos, challenges, newsletters, free calls, etc. I worked my tail off creating, being of service and adding VALUE to people. Giving as much as I possibly could about how I knew to make it online. I shared my story, gave tips and always kept the ball rolling. I never tapped out. I see some coaches play hide and seek, they post, then they disappear, they do one good thing- but then never continue. Making it in the online world is all about consistency and action. Dig deep, find out what your potential clients need and create it. Don’t worry if it’s already been done before. Do it anyway, because you will bring your own unique flare to whatever it is you’re creating.

Coach. When I first started, I used to get tons of people on the phone who had an interest in working with me. However, my conversions, quite frankly, sucked. I couldn’t convince anyone to actually pay to work with me. Looking back now, I know that my energy was wonky and I was so desperate for clients and bookings that I became a reverse magnet to the people I wanted to attract. I actually repelled my dream clients because of the way I was coming across. Now, when I coach, or consult or do a mini session- it comes from the heart and comes from a place of service- NO STRINGS ATTACHED. This has skyrocketed not only my business, but my likeability. I coach because I truly want to help, not because I have any ulterior motives.

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