As you may or may not know, I write daily to my list. I’ve made it a habit of creating content and putting it out through my newsletter, my Facebook group and other social media channels. I sort of feel disconnected when I don’t create. And what I create is pretty darn awesome, that it feels terrible not to share it. So that’s what I do. Every day.

And I also SELL. In some form or fashion… every day.

So far, I’ve given you two of the only four things you need to be doing in your business every day to make money.

Seems pretty simple right?

Too simple?

Well, it’s these two practices (plus a couple others) that have allowed me to sell over $2M worth of programs, courses and services online. But this is not about me, it’s about you.

Here’s the thing: You’re here (on my list) because you’re an ambitious online business owner with even more ambitious plans for her future. AmIright?

But right now you’re buried under a monster to-do list that just keeps growing, mounting fears about how to successfully market and really ‘get known’ online, not to mention you’re contending every day with a little voice in your head saying that if you don’t start crushing it very soon, another day job is definitely in your future.

Your enemies, as I see them right now?


You’ve fallen prey to The Shiny Objects and you want – and have tried! – to do all the things. Your desire to sign up for every glossy webinar and hot new training that crosses your Facebook feed has become near-compulsive. You’ve dumped thousands into programs and courses that are basically just sitting around collecting metaphorical dust mites. And worst of all, you’re frustrated because there’s SO much information out there you no longer know who the hell to trust. Who’s a real expert, and who’s just a phony? It’s impossible to tell.


(and his trusty sidekicks, perfectionism and procrastination). You worry all the time about marketing yourself because you’re scared of what other people will think. Will your family call you crazy? Will your peers think you’re a fraud? Will everyone assume you’re a failure if you don’t make $100k this year? Your mind has become a very scary place.


You’re #doingitall but not getting much at all in return. You know you can’t keep posting in Facebook groups 20 times a day and monitoring your comments and messenger app like a crazy person anymore. You want to cut through the noise so you can sign new clients and really make a name for yourself, but right now it feels like your posts are written in disappearing ink.

To sum it all up?

You’ve got a serious lack of clients and lack of recognition (even though you “think” you’re doing #allthethings) and that causes a lack of confidence, even though you know deep down inside you a MFing badass and are capable of making six figures, or even seven figures.

The solution?

Stepping into the person you need to BE to achieve your goals and more (mindset) and working on only the RIGHT things that actually move your business forward (strategy).

The best part?

Making the shift and creating cash in your business does NOT have to take a long time. Money can be made instantly, new clients can come literally out of nowhere (especially when you have those two things above in place)

We are already two months into 2019 and I time is FLYING. I am on a serious mission to create a quantum leap this year,  and I want the same for you. Let’s do this!