As you may or may not know, I write daily to my list. I’ve made it a habit of creating content and putting it out through my newsletter, my Facebook group and other social media channels. I sort of feel disconnected when I don’t create. And what I create is pretty darn awesome, that it feels terrible not to share it. So that’s what I do. Every day.

There’s a very good and real chance that the reason you don’t have the amount of money and clients you desire is because you don’t want it.

Meaning, you are not aligned in your actions and thoughts to what you say you want.

You see people blowing up all around you and wonder, WTF? Why not me? Why not now?

The answer?

Because you are not ready for it.

You are not yet who you need to be to receive that kind of money and visibility.

Basically, your current identity simply can not receive all the things you say you want.

It might show up like this:

>> You say you want a 6 or multiple six figure business, but your primary thinking is that it’s going to be hard and create a lot more responsibility

>> You want people to invest in your coaching for multiple thousands of dollars, but hesitate and bail out when it comes to you investing in yourself

>> You say you want to be known online, but you constantly talk yourself out of posting or going live because of ego-driven BS

>> You say you want clients, but you don’t actually ever make invitations for people to work with you

>> You want passive income, but deep down you feel like it’s wrong or bad to do work once and get paid for it over and over again

The list goes on and on and on…

What they have in common is a misalignment in what you “say” you want, and what you actually believe.

I am so excited to help you understand what’s out of alignment and how to close the gap between where you are now and where you most desire to be.

I’m presenting a free live training on Friday, April 5th on the most common income blockers I’ve found after working with thousands of clients over the last few years.

Join me live and discover which of the 5 hidden income blockers you have so that you can finally understand your relationship with money and success and why you haven’t reached your next level yet… even though you’re doing “all the right things”.

Now, I’m not talking about “money blocks” in the traditional sense. Not what happened to you when you were young or as the result of a traumatizing event, but your current thoughts, beliefs and expectations about what you are worthy of NOW.

My guess is you’ve probably never heard of or even realized these things at all before.

During this training, I’ll help you to finally figure out why you can’t make (or keep) the money you desire no matter how hard you try, and why you keep attracting the WRONG clients and opportunities. You’ll discover exactly what to focus on to close the gap and reach your goals once and for all.

I’ll be sharing the same fundamental mindset and success strategies I used to increase my income by 1400%! Going from $35K in my first profitable year of coaching to OVER $535,000 the next.

If you’re ready for a real, practical training that will be packed with huge “a-ha!” moments about your current money and success reality, I highly recommend you attend this live webinar with me on April 5th.

Understanding your income blockers is the key to ending your present money and success sabotages and quantum leaping into massive wealth and incredible opportunities that will change your life and business forever.

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