Recently I’ve been talking about funnels and how they are so important to implement in your business to reach not only your financial goals, but also to ease the stress of the constant hustle by making your sales systems automated.

But it’s one thing to create a funnel or have one in place – and quite another to get qualified leads into your funnel. That, my dears, is where the buyers come from.

And just because you build it, does not mean they will come. We have to get people in. So how do we do that? Well, there’s two main ways: free and paid traffic. I compiled a killer list of 23 free and organic ways to build your list and get people into your funnel here.

These are the exact methods I used when I first started and didn’t have a budget for ads. Organic works, it just takes a little longer and takes more effort to be consistent. Paid works too, but it’s more expensive- obviously. Free = slower, Paid = faster. Depending on where you are in your business decides which one you choose at the moment. They both work, it’s just a matter of how you want it to work for you.

Bottom line, you need TRAFFIC to your website, blog, opt in and funnel, to create a sustainable business online. When you’re just beginning and don’t have a budget, organic hustle is the way to go- but once you have a little extra cash, you should be putting it towards paid advertising.

There’s only one person I trust with my Facebook ads, that’s my friend Adrienne Richardson. She’s a pro, and responsible for thousands of qualified leads and millions in revenue per year for her clients. She gives LB3 members exclusive access to her step by step process for setting up Facebook ads the right way. Whether you’re spending $5 a day, $50 a day or $500 a day.