Things are getting juicy today! We are diving into uncovering what your subconscious money blocks might be. The problem we have is that we don’t know or understand why we aren’t already at the income level we desire.

There is something that is keeping us where we are, and if we don’t uncover what that is – no amount of journaling or manifesting will change our situation and our identity.

I implore you to dig really deep in today’s lesson and find out what it is that’s stopping you so we can shift it and change the belief.

Remember, this is usually not something that’s conscious or obvious, which is why it keeps coming back to haunt us.

Be honest, raw, real – no one is seeing this but you!

If you’re feeling brave, SHARE it with us in the group. There may be others that are experiencing the same blocks. The first step is awareness, the second step is admitting it out loud so that you can finally say “fuck that” and change it!

Let’s get down to business!