It’s been just under a year since launching Focused, Fierce, and Financially Free. Starting next week, I’m rebranding my show! The format will remain the same and I’ll still have the same type of content we’ve had so far. The main change will be in changing the name to “Meant for Millions!”

I’ve been going through a rebrand in my business and online presence, so I will be doing the same with this podcast. This rebrand to Meant for Millions best represents what I want for you and also what I want for myself. It’s my mission.

The rebrand will take effect next week and I’ll be sharing more about the details in today’s episode. I will also share some background and thoughts about what went into making this decision.

I’ll talk, also, about making courageous decisions, as this is VITAL to you and your business. If you don’t have that confidence to make courageous decisions, or if you’re trying to get validation from others on what you’re supposed to be doing, you’re most likely going to struggle. It won’t create confidence in you, nor in others about you. Being courageous about your resolve and your decisions will massively help you in your business.

I will talk to you next week on this same podcast, same feed, but different name as “Meant for Millions!”