In this lesson, I wanted to dive into more practical business/client getting stuff and why you may not be getting the amount of clients you want, and/or why a launch may not have turned out as you expected.

Aside from the logistical, tactical, strategy stuff which is pretty darn important to, there is a belief and a mindset that needs to be present in order to get everything we want, whether we look at it from a money, a client or a customer number perspective.

And there are hidden subconscious ideas and thoughts that could be holding us back from achieving that, no matter how perfect we think the strategy is.

So we’re not diving into strategy today, but we are diving into why you’re not attracting the number (or type) of clients you want as well as the sneaky stuff that could be preventing it.

Journaling Prompts! (Feel free to copy and paste these into your own notes and answer them for yourself)

  1. Do you have complete clarity on exactly the types of clients and customers you desire to call in?
  2. Do you actually believe that the number of clients you want are out there and that they want your help?
  3. If not, why do you actually believe about getting that amount of clients (ie, it’s hard, they aren’t out there, they are hiring other coaches, there’s not enough to go around, etc.)
  4. During a launch or a sprint to get new clients, on a scale of 1-10, how much faith do you have that you will reach your client or customer goals?
  5. If it’s not a 10, where does it fall off? When do you lose your faith? At any point, does your energy dip or fall flat? Why? What happens?
  6. What can you do to revive your energy and keep the faith all the way through?
  7. What are some of the hidden or subconscious beliefs you have around getting all the clients you want? (can you handle it, will too much be expected of you, will they be the wrong clients, etc).
  8. Are they even really true?
  9. Write out opposite statements for those hidden beliefs.
  10. What past stories or actual scenarios are you bringing into your future and thereby the present, that is preventing you from getting all the clients you want?

Happy New Year!!


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