I want to show you The FAST Formula to having it all. 

There are two parts to the FAST Formula. Part one is about making a decision, the other part is about re-programming our minds to believe certain things about time and space (which most likely contradict what we’ve believed for many, many years!)

My “FAST” Formula for getting everything you want when you want it: 

FAST = Focus All Strength To

When you stay steady and focused on your main goal and keep your eyes on your own paper, you will get it…

When you doubt yourself, start comparing and wondering why it’s not here yet, it will continue to elude you. 

What to do: 

Start with ONE thing you really want..  then embrace the full embodiment of what it would be like to have that thing.

DECIDE that it’s yours. AKA, there is no other option. It’s just not acceptable for you to NOT have it. 

FOCUS on your vision daily and lock it in. For me this looks like journaling and including time manifestations into that practice. (for example, when I wanted to lose weight I journaled that I lost a pound a day – even though it seemed impossible by other people’s standards. I ended up losing 20lbs in a month and I wasn’t mad about it!)

TAKE ACTION towards that thing you want. You actually have to DO something to get whatever it is you want. Want a soulmate? Go out on dates. Want to lose weight? Get to the gym and cut out sugar. Want a million dollar business? Show the fuck up daily and make offers. 

The FAST Formula: 

Focus All Strength To

– Start with one thing then embrace the full embodiment 

– DECIDE = there is no other option
– Include time manifestations in your journaling Embrace the non-existence of time in your mindset 

Journaling Prompts 

1. What do you choose to focus all your strength to? 

2. What are the things you want to happen fast but you believe have to take time? 

3. Where is there evidence that it actually doesn’t take a long time at all? 

4. Write out at least 10 desires, in the present tense, and include time manifestations. (Ex: I lose weight so fast, Everything I want happens just like that, I never have to wait to get what I want, I make money so fast and easy, Everything happens so fast for me, including my body transformation) 

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