Things are going to change.

It’s something we need to get used to because we are all changing and growing.

There’s always been transition in my business (and I’m assuming yours as well). Sometimes change that needs to happen. But the problem is, it’s easy to try to resist that change. When we resist it, things can stop working.

Today, I want to help you to embrace these changes so that you can come out on the other side feeling like you are at your next level, and knowing that this change made you and your business even better!



Jenna Faith is a 7 figure business coach and advocate for female entrepreneurs who know they are meant for millions. She does not believe that successful women need to learn more strategies to achieve more success; instead, she helps them restore their business alignment so that success becomes a natural extension of who they are.

Jenna is the go-to secret weapon to empower women to claim the recognition they deserve and leave a legacy that lasts. She has been featured in over 200 publications, including Business Insider, Inc., Fast Company,, and more.